How To Rise Up & Reject Airport X-Ray Body Scanners

Lisa Mason Lee - November 12, 2010

Today, mega-popular news site is headlining the rise and revolt against airport x-ray body scanners. When it’s a headline on Matt Drudge’s site, then you know it’s a hot topic around the world that needs tending to…

X-ray scanner

This year in 2010, the uncomfortable x-ray scanners were born, and they were put in many major airports in the U.S. If you plan on coming into the U.S., you are ‘required’ to go through this unfriendly, radiation-giving box. If you already are in the U.S. and say you want to fly from Indiana to Los Angeles, then you will also ‘have’ to go through the scanner. Although not all major airports have them yet, the Feds have been pushing to get the scanners in every major airport in the U.S. If the Feds agenda doesn’t change, then there will be no way out of getting out of this radiation-giving scanner that takes pictures of your naked body.

Do you want to resist the x-ray scanner? Join the Pilots and Flight Attendants!
It is up to us, the people to shut down the x-ray body scanners, and put an end to this violating, voyeuristic machine. Do not be scared in turning down the scanner at the airport. Simply say “I opt out” or “I refuse to take the x-ray scan, I’m opting out”. You and me, the civilians aren’t the only people trying to avoid these machines, it’s also the plane pilots, the flight attendants and the other airport service people who are standing up and avoiding the machines right now.


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What’s the big deal about the x-ray scanners? What’s the real reason humans are avoiding these machines?
The x-ray scanners are harmful to your body. The Feds do not want you to know the dangers, but scientists have done the research, and the results are exasperating!

These harmful, radioactive X-ray machines spew out terahertz waves (the waves in between infrared and microwaves) full of radiation that beams through your bones every time you step through the machine before boarding your plane.

Studies have also shown that high levels or repetitive physical contact with terahertz waves not only destroy cells, but also harm double stranded human DNA. These scientists said the terahertz waves destroy the molecular structure of DNA by puncturing it with tiny bubbles that literally ruin DNA permanently. This would mean that you could not reproduce your personal DNA ever again, if you over-expose in these scanners. The radiation is also putting us all at risk for cancer too! Pregnant women are at risk even more than regular people not only for getting cancer, but also because the radiation can cause birth defects.

I did this info video last Christmas, here we are now revisiting the matter a year later and we are finally standing up against it!

Scientific studies links:

If you decline the x-ray scanner, you will be subjected to a ‘heavy pat-down’…
Don’t worry about the ‘heavy pat-down’ that you will be given when you decline the x-ray scanner. Do not be embarrassed or feel humiliated when you get a heavy pat-down in front a huge crowd and all security workers and cameras. Leave it up to the security guards to feel uncomfortable and embarassed for patting your body down in your private areas! They should all feel ashamed for doing it! Be strong, stand up for your self and you will set an example for everyone else who doesn’t think they have a way out of the x-ray scanner machine! You do have a way out, they just don’t want to tell you this!

I will be flying within a week, and will give you a report on what happens to me when I decline the scanner. If you happen to be flying on November 24, 2010 you can make a difference and participate in the national revolt against x-ray body scanners! Here is how you can participate and help change the future! Remember, it only takes one person to make a change for millions! Imagine what we can do together!
National Opt Out Day link:
Another great site w/ personal stories:

Feel free to share your airport experience in the comment section below! Thank you!

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  • john

    fine to resist these scanners on ethical grounds. Dont use unproven garbage references to different non relevant research in non peer reviewed journals to prove a point. It wont work. Science is about fact and proof. Even this research was blogged by someone at MIT – no reference was made to the qualifications of the blogger. The original paper from Los Alamos (written by a computer scientist not even a DNA expert) doesnt even make the same conclusion. It says that any effect is minuscule. Regardless it was only a computer model and lots of work has been done experimentally with very high powers with no effects. I have spoken to a prof of biochemistry who says if we didnt have unzipping of DNA our cells would never divide. The DNA is bouncing around all the time, zipping and unzipping. But I guess a computer programmer wouldnt know that!

  • Jonathan

    @John – I think it’s fair to assume people resist scanners for pecuniary, ethical and social cohesion reasons but will use health risk arguments for the social/political traction. Unfortunate for it’s corruption of information & discourse but defensible as a reaction to profit motivated biz sector and seemingly boundless hunger for public surveillance and profiling from our government. It’s the latter two entities who so artfully employ FUD to pollute the well of knowledge and it’s comprehension.

    The above article opens with props for Matt Drudge, a high profile practitioner of sensational & bogus information spew. Bah.

  • John

    Strange how a scientist like myself when actually points out scientific FACT i am accused of being in someones pocket. if you search out facts get the science right first. Look into xray, Tetahertz and mm wave they are three entirely different things yet you confuse all three in the same sentence. Sunlight is at a frequency of 2000 terahertz. Is it bad to keep the lights on!

  • @John do they pay you extra at the airport for commenting?

  • John

    What rubbish! X ray machines are not terahertz waves. All things emit thz waves including humans. The only thz wave scanners available act like cameras and only see not bombard see company thruvision. Next generation thz macines will emitt less thz radiation than a light bulb. Thz radiation is a form of heat and 98% of all radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis is in this region. And the bubbles in DNA are essential to reproduction thats how the cells divide. Look up DNA bubble theory its heat Aka Infra red and terahertz radiation that are actually life essential. If you had any knowledge of physics basics you would know that. The biggest source of many wavelengths of radiation at huge intensities is the sun!!

  • castmaster1

    Thanks Lisa. I may be flying in a week too, so hopefully it will be timed with the opt out day. Good info.