New Airport X-ray Scanners Life Threatening?

Janet Napolitano, the U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security, is traveling to Spain soon to meet with her international cronies to seek tighter international aviation security measures.

As if airport security isn’t annoying enough! Janet wants to tighten up security even more!


Napolitano is going to order 300 additional advanced imaging scanners (X-ray machines that see you naked) at United States airports, and may order more!!!

These “advanced imaging scanners” are actually harmful X-ray machines you will be standing in and walking through. We are talking about radioactive X-ray machines spewing out terahertz waves (the waves in between infrared and microwaves) full of radiation that will be beaming through your bones every time you step through the machine before boarding your plane.

Studies have also shown that high levels or repetitive physical contact with terahertz waves not only destroy cells, but also harm double stranded human DNA. These scientists said the terahertz waves destroy the molecular structure of DNA by puncturing it with tiny bubbles that literally ruin DNA permanently. This would mean that you could not reproduce your personal DNA ever again.

This is embarrassing, annoying and dangerous to life’s precious key-DNA.