An audience views a film using 3D glasses

I just got done watching the show Inside Edition on CBS, and I learned that 3D glasses are really dirty, even though cinemas claim to sanitize the glasses after every use. You must read what the tests found on the glasses! Disgusting!

Inside Edition’s “I-Squad” researched the cleanliness of the glasses that were supposed to be clean, and they found the results to be shocking. Not one of the dozen glasses that they tested were germ free.


A pair of sealed and sanitized glasses from “AMC Loews” theatre in Manhattan, were taken by the I-Squad, and tested for germs. I-Squad hired a company called “RealD” to test the glasses for germs, and the glasses tested positive for a ‘fungal organism’ that can ’cause ear infections and bacteria found in feces’.

“It’s more than gross, it’s dangerous. It could make you sick,” said Dr. Kelly Reynolds, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona.

Another test that was ran, also found fecal contamination on a pair of Dolby 3D glasses given to I-Squad and then given to RealD, from “City Cinemas” on Manhattan’s upper east side. Dr. Reynolds says, “You should not put the [dirty] glasses on your face at all, especially near your eyes.”

I-Squad and RealD also reported that five other pairs of 3D glasses, including a pair made by IMAX, had a ‘nasty fungus hiding on them which can cause yeast infections, and hair and scalp infections’.

Dr. Reynolds says if you go to a 3D movie, take a simple alcohol-based wipe, and wipe the glasses completely, and that will kill 99% of any harmful germs.