When I logged on to Facebook tonight, I saw that two of my friends had “Liked” a “Page” entitled: “Shocking: Rude Hidden Message in Toy Story 3”. Of course I clicked on it! I wanted to see the rude message! Then, the page wanted to guide me to click on other buttons, and I stopped there and jumped onto Google to make sure it wasn’t a spam page…

Sure enough, when I Googled “Toy Story 3 message facebook”, I found other stories saying that this Facebook page was indeed a spammy scam. Apparently, there isn’t any kind of video or prize after you click your way to the end. All you get is a posting on your Facebook page saying that you “Liked” the page.


I did find one thing on my journey to the truth about Toy Story 3, and it was this: A picture of Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 3, when he briefly morphed into a cucumber. You can figure this one out :)

Mr. Cucumber Head

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