Sick! Sick! Sick!

X-ray scanners

We, the people of America, are not only subjected to take off our shoes, hats, coats and belts at airport checkpoints, but now, we also forced to walk through an X-ray scanner that photographs images of our naked bodies.


The “Gen2” X-ray machine not only takes photos of your body, then automatically saves them to the machine’s hard drive, but the X-ray camera also projects live feed video to the security men and women in the control room! Just a little story about my airport scan experience: When I was going through security at the airport in Indpls. IN, I told a security guard who approved me after my naked scan, to tell the boys I said hello in the control room, and then I winked!!! LOL! Hey, if the airport scanners are going to eye-rape you, then you might as well give them an extra hard time during the uncomfortable process!

Oh, and if you dodged the X-ray scanner last time you went to the airport-not to worry-you’re going to get your chance! All Americans who plan to fly in the near future will get their moment in a scanner. Two weeks ago, Homeland Security nazi Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that scanners would soon appear at virtually every major airport. The updated list includes airports in New York City, Dallas, Washington, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, and Philadelphia.

The U.S. Marshals Service admitted this week that tens of thousands of images were saved and recorded with a millimeter wave system on one of the X-ray machines in Orlando, Florida. Uh-oh! Someone slipped! When the scanners came out earlier this year, they said that the Gen2 could NOT save the scans! The lies are coming out to surface!

Okay, so why do the Feds, TSA and Homeland Security want these photos so bad? Are they just horny pervs? Well, yes, but they also claim they “keep the photos for testing, training and evaluation purposes”. So pretty much the security people sit in a room and review naked scans for educational reasons.

The part of this whole thing that irks me, is that the X-ray machines are in fact harmful to the body. TSA, HS, Feds nor any of the people in charge will admit that there are permanent damaging effects from going through the scanner often, or too long at a time.

These harmful, radioactive X-ray machines spew out terahertz waves (the waves in between infrared and microwaves) full of radiation that beams through your bones every time you step through the machine before boarding your plane.

Studies have also shown that high levels or repetitive physical contact with terahertz waves not only destroy cells, but also harm double stranded human DNA. These scientists said the terahertz waves destroy the molecular structure of DNA by puncturing it with tiny bubbles that literally ruin DNA permanently. This would mean that you could not reproduce your personal DNA ever again, if you over-expose in these scanners. The radiation is also putting us all at risk for cancer too! Pregnant women are at risk even more than regular people not only for getting cancer, but also because the radiation can cause birth defects.

This is embarrassing, annoying, sick and dangerous to life’s precious key-DNA. If you want to help get these scanners the heck out of airports, got to to to get educated-then, go to: to get directly involved!

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