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Not since 1962 has Arctic ice this giant broken free and floated away, but that’s just what has occurred in Greenland Thursday.

The massive ice sheet is over 100 square miles which in comparison outsizes Manhattan four times over.




Breaking free of the Petermann Glacier in Northern Greenland, the once connected Ice Shelf has now converted itself in to a humungous floating ice island. The chilly discovery is credited to Trudy Wohlleben of the Canadian Ice Service.

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  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    I believe there is global warming. I visited several glaciers here in Alaska and have been told how much they have receded in the last forty years. But, is it natural or man made or somehow both contributing factors? Who knows? I really think we should do all that we can that is sensible and has common sense to help preserve our planet. But, I am also not one to weep over old growth trees being cut down. Go on Youtube and do a search of crying over old growth trees and you will see the most extreme case of people who are close to mentally insane huddled in a group sitting in the forest weeping like and entire family of school children had been killed by a mass murderer.But, they are weeping over the loss of the old growth trees. Yes, crying over trees. Well, they give environmentalism a bad name. There is extremes and I do not know if my consumption of beer has caused this ice to break off in Greenland but I do know that there is not one thing I can do to stop it. And, I do not think anyone could stop it. What would the world say if it was determined that the earth naturally cools and warms in cycles over thousands of years and this is totally normal and a hundred years from now a sudden cooling trend will occur and the planet will have renewed glaciers. How odd that would be to see all the glacier come back and nothing we did made it happen. I wonder………

  • Hm, is SNB’s beer consumption a contributing factor to global warming? I need a gov’t grant to investigate ~ somebody give me a cash advance on my study…. psst, i agree about the natural earth and sun cycles…. but then your beer consumption would make a nice n fun read :~)

  • Wow, that’s a nice size ice-cube! I better slow down my fret burning solos lol

  • ricardo

    funny. right before reading this article, i just found a little olive leaves in my canned olives. Global warming. The flood is coming. I just missing the boat.