The World According To Anna Faris

Carey - March 24, 2009

Anna Faris is EVERYWHERE lately. She’s on the cover of Self magazine as well as several others. She’s in a bunch of films. In case you haven’t noticed…she’s looking really good lately. Here is the run down on Anna:

Oh yes…perhaps some plastic surgery to help her career (obviously it didn’t hurt it). I think I see a difference in her nose..what do you think? She may have just had things “brightened” and it gives the illusion of plastic surgery.



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Here is Anna on the cover of Self Mag:


Anna says you need strength to be nice in highly competitive Hollywood, for comedy, “you have to be brave,” the 32-year-old newly engaged actress says. “You sort of have to suck it up sometimes.” That’s true offscreen, too, she finds. “I’m embarrassed on almost a daily basis,” she says. “Not like blush embarrassed, but more like, ˜That was stupid.’ Or, ˜Why am I wearing this?’ Or, ˜Oh, my God, those people recognize me and I’m eating this huge burrito!'”

Anna’s upcoming projects include “Observe And Report” which you may see launching right now:

  1. (2009) (post-production) (voice) …. Sam
  2. Young Americans (2009) (completed) …. Wendy Franklin
  3. (2009) …. Brandi
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009)
  5. The Spleenectomy (2008) …. Danielle / Dr. Fields


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  • @ WINDYCRAWFORD Exciting! what did you do on the movie? I am an actress and I run this site :D


    I worked on Young American’s AKA KIDS IN AMERICA with ANNA she is not only beautiful, but kind and has a fantastic sense of comic timing!!!
    Glad to know it is finally coming out we had such fun making it ! So funny !!!!! A must see !!!!

  • jesse

    anna is one hot cookie,and im glad she is very funny

  • abhishek

    she is cute as well as bold

  • Sérgio Melo

    This woman is a delight.

  • ShElby


  • ali

    i love you

  • she is very very gostosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!!