Steven Tyler Celebrity Cocaine Privacy Act LAW PASSES in Hawaii

HONOLULU –   Paranoid much? Face it, celebrities need their privacy more than you, especially celebrities like Steven Tyler! Hey you would need your privacy too – if you did $6 million in cocaine! Never fear drug fueled curtains drawn, paranoid Tyler! The government to here to protect you!

Steven Tyler

The Hawaii state Senate passed the so-called Steven Tyler Act Tuesday, a bill that seeks to protect celebrities from overeager paparazzi by creating a civil violation if people take unwanted photos or videos of others in their private moments.


The Aerosmith frontman from Massachusetts asked Sen. Kalani English to sponsor the legislation after unwanted photos were taken of him and his girlfriend last December and published in a national magazine, causing family drama.

Tyler owns a multimillion dollar home in Maui, which is part of English’s district. English said the proposal could help increase celebrity tourism in Hawaii.

Twenty-three of the state’s 25 Senate members voted in favor of the bill, which now goes to the House for consideration.

Sen. Sam Slom, the body’s only Republican, opposed the measure.

“We have been the butt of many editorials and jokes across the country for this proposed legislation,” he said.

Slom said senators had fun with the bill, but Hawaii has adequate laws protecting privacy and this proposal is an attack on rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“My final remarks to Steven Tyler as he sang so eloquently are, `Dream on, dream on,”‘ Slom joked.

Besides Tyler, other celebrities have supported the bill, including Britney Spears, Mick Fleetwood and the Osborne family.

They say intrusive paparazzi make it difficult to enjoy simple activities with family and friends.

But national media organizations worry about the proposal’s impact on freedom of the press. The National Press Photographers Association and the Society of Professional Journalists were among several national media organizations that submitted testimony opposing the bill.

The Senate Judiciary Committee responded to criticism of the measure’s vague language by replacing the original version with the text of an existing California anti-paparazzi statute.

But longtime media lawyer Jeff Portnoy said the bill is still problematic.

“It’s better, but it doesn’t change its fatal flaws,” he said. The measure’s language is still ambiguous and it is unnecessary, given Hawaii’s existing laws, Portnoy said.

“Our only chance to get some sanity into this is in the House,” he said. foxnews

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Ben Stiller to receive MTV’s Generation Award

ben stiller Ben Stiller to receive MTVs Generation Award

Tune in to MTV this Sunday, and watch Ben Stiller receive the “prestigious”  Generation Award at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. In an interview with MTV,  Ben waxes poetic about his up and coming trophy, “I am honored. I was given my first show at MTV, and also cancelled for the first time. I also was secretly having an affair with JJ Jackson, so it brings back pleasant memories.”

While  I may not always love every Ben Stiller moment, I can recognize that any man who could pull off the role of “Simple Jack” in 2008′s “Tropic Thunder” should probably win an award every year for the remainder of his life.  So thank you Mr. Stiller, you muh muh muh make me happy.

The World According To Anna Faris

Anna Faris is EVERYWHERE lately. She’s on the cover of Self magazine as well as several others. She’s in a bunch of films. In case you haven’t noticed…she’s looking really good lately. Here is the run down on Anna:

Oh yes…perhaps some plastic surgery to help her career (obviously it didn’t hurt it). I think I see a difference in her nose..what do you think? She may have just had things “brightened” and it gives the illusion of plastic surgery.


Here is Anna on the cover of Self Mag:


Anna says you need strength to be nice in highly competitive Hollywood, for comedy, “you have to be brave,” the 32-year-old newly engaged actress says. “You sort of have to suck it up sometimes.” That’s true offscreen, too, she finds. “I’m embarrassed on almost a daily basis,” she says. “Not like blush embarrassed, but more like, ˜That was stupid.’ Or, ˜Why am I wearing this?’ Or, ˜Oh, my God, those people recognize me and I’m eating this huge burrito!'”

Anna’s upcoming projects include “Observe And Report” which you may see launching right now:

  1. (2009) (post-production) (voice) …. Sam
  2. Young Americans (2009) (completed) …. Wendy Franklin
  3. (2009) …. Brandi
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009)
  5. The Spleenectomy (2008) …. Danielle / Dr. Fields