Here is a picture of Nicole Ritchie and her belly at the “What Comes Around Goes Around” Fall 2009 Collection Launch at Space 15 Twenty on Wednesday (March 18) in Los Angeles.

I think she is adorable pregnant. Slightly too thin,..but adorable nonetheless. Having kids must become a bit addictive. I heard some women really love being pregnant.  I’m absolutely petrified of pushing a kid out of my nether regions. Nothing about the process is very pleasurable.  I have seen the documentaries- and it didn’t “inform” me as much as scare the **** out of me. What if my kid is totally ugly as well? I know this girl who took a photo of her belly every day and put it up on facebook. In every picture her face was getting more and more uncomfortable. lol.


You’re right…I won’t breed.   The world only has room for one of me anyways!  hahahha.