Lark Voorhies MOM: New Hubby Is A GANG BANGER

Lark Voorhies‘ mother is saying that her daughter’s new husband, Jimmy Green, is a bonafide gang banger, who runs with the Bloods. And she has even filed a restraining order against him.

According to Lark’s mother, Patricia, Lark’s new hubby is living under her roof, and has even found the hoodlum sleeping in her closet.

Lark Voorhies got married to Jimmy Green

Patricia says after Lark and Jimmy tied the knot — the deal was Green would be out of the house every evening in time to catch the last bus back to his place Continue reading

9 Year Old Boy Marries Woman 62

Call Sanele Masilela, 9, the world’s youngest groom, and call his bride, 62-year-old bride, Helen Shabangu, the world’s oldest sicko.

The unlikely coupling took place in a spiritual ceremony in the northeastern town of Ximhungwe. The two will wear wedding rings but will not live together – full time.

Sanele Masilela  Helen Shabangu, 2

And this isn’t the first time the duo have “married” either, they first tied the proverbial knot last year. Shabangu’s actual husband, Alfred Shabangu, 66, was also on hand to support his wife. Continue reading

When Wedding Photos Go Horribly WRONG

Not only did this poor husband kick his wife in the face, he also split his pants, in what may be the most disastrous wedding photo ever..

The washington couple’s nuptials of shame are now immortalized after making the virals rounds on the internet.

Tyler Foster wedding photo fail

Taken in Jamaica, the photo it hit the internet on Wednesday and was picked up by countless websites, most dubbing it the “most disastrous wedding pic ever taken,” Continue reading

FURY After Woman ATTACHES NEWBORN To Wedding Dress Train

Shona Carter-Brooks is the woman who attached her one-month-old daughter to the train of her wedding dress, outraging many.

Do you think this was a cool idea or simply idiotic? Comment below!

Shona Carter-Brooks 3

Shona Carter-Brooks, who lives in Jackson, certainly turned heads during her wedding ceremony when she glided down towards the alter with a one-month-old baby in tow. Continue reading

Kanye West: Bought Sold Repackaged..

I think Kanye West is loosening up his, “I’m better than that,” vibe.. The artist just performed for a wedding for a measly few million dollars, $3MIL to be somewhat exact.. Degrading.. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’d perform on a tightwire this side of hell’s gates to get your grubbies on a million, but, you’re not Kanye West. Elite types have to answer to a higher authority, by the name of the Illuminati, and if they say, “go play the wedding,” you go play the wedding, or do the fire walk in hell, take your pick..

qbq0Llj (1) Continue reading

‘The Social Network’ Sean Parker Drops $8.6M on Wedding Decorations!

While you spend your meaningless life on the internet, Napster inventer and eventual Facebook investor, Sean Parker, is spending almost $9M on his wedding decorations.. This June, Parker is all set to wed Alexandra Lenas.. That is, after he spends $8.6 million on stuff like cloth doilies..  I think I just barfed in my mouth, a lot.. And what about all those pesky starving children in the world? They would throw up too! If they had any food in their little tummies.. OKAY! So back to the festivities!
Sean_Parker__Alexandra_Lenas Continue reading