WSJ: CELEBS THINKING TWICE Before Ever Returning To Paris

The Kim Kardashian West Paris drama that left her tied up in her private residence while armed cop-wannabes made off with $10 million worth of her prized jewels has sent shockwaves through the jet setting celebrity crowd.

In fact, the brazen robbery dominated talk among editors at Fashion Week saying it cast a “gray cloud” over collections that otherwise were meant to exude joy and creativity.


“Total shock. We’ve been talking about it in every front row I’ve sat in,” said Christina Binkley, the Wall Street Journal fashion columnist. “Celebrities here are dripping in jewels. They are a great target. I bet you there’s going to be higher security. You’re not going to be seeing them walking in on their own. Continue reading

Video Shows Money Stacked On Pallet Iran Claims Payment To Release Hostages

A video was posted on Twitter, depicting “pallets of cash” from a special delivery from the US. to Iran.

Iranian officials are quoted as saying “this was just part of the ‘expensive price’ to release Americans.”

pallets of cash iran

The footage, which is from an Iranian documentary published a few months ago, contradicts claims by Obama administration officials maintaining that the payment was completely unrelated to the release of these U.S. hostages, despite the payment having been supplied on the same day these individuals were freed by Iran. Continue reading


Usually pro-Trump rag, The New York Post, chose to post a series of fully uncovered photos of possible future first lady, Melania Trump.

The Post let it all hang out by depicting the Slovenian-born model, then 25, in all her buff glory! The snaps were taken in Manhattan in 1995, by Alé de Basse­ville, a French photographer.

Melania trump nypost

Decades before she was sporting designer dresses on the stage of the Republican National Convention as Mrs. Trump, Melania Knauss posed nude in a photo spread for a now-defunct French men’s magazine, The Post has learned. Continue reading

National Enquirer Richard Simmons BOMBSHELL Story

The Drudge Report is claiming that the National Enquirer is planning a bombshell story on former fitness guru, Richard Simmons. Just what the “bombshell” is, we don’t know.

Simmons was recently hospitalized for unknown reasons. Reps claimed the stay was over severe dehydration, however, others on social media speculated he might be suffering from something far worse.

richard simmons

Continue reading

Trump Muse Megyn Kelly To Moderate Tomorrow’s GOP Debate

Tomorrow’s GOP debate airing on the Fox News Channel will be moderated by Megyn Kelly, aka Donald Trump‘s nemesis. Kelly will be joined by fellow Fox News anchors, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace.

Trump, who accused Kelly of asking inappropriate questions in an August debate, later skipped the next Fox debate which aired in January. He is expected to show up for this, the 11th in a series of republican debates.


“Frankly, I have been ready for seven months to move beyond what happened after that August debate,” Kelly said in a recent interview. Continue reading

Randy Quaid Releases INSANE Motel Room Video Blasting Rupert Murdoch

Randy Quaid and his wife released what can only be described as a bizarre Youtube video attacking Rupert Murdoch, Warner Brothers, and TMZ.

In the video, Quaid says that he earned the studio over $1 billion in box office revenue for his participation in smash movies like, “Independence Day” and “Christmas Vacation,” while he and his wife remain destitute.

Randy Quaid Rupert Murdoch Video 4

“What did I get in return? A Warner Brothers exec, Bruce Berman, stole my house, and News Corp’s the New York Post continues to smear me to high heaven Continue reading

Former Fox News Employee SHOOTS SELF DEAD In Front Of NEWS CORP

A former employee of a Fox News affiliate committed suicide in front of News Corp. headquarters in New York City.

Phillip Perea, 41 years old, of Irving, Texas, shot himself in the chest outside of 1211 Avenue of the Americas. Perea had previously worked for a Fox News affiliate in Austin, Texas.

Phillip Perea fox news suicide 3

The building houses Fox News headquarters and The Wall Street Journal, both of which are owned by News Corporation. Continue reading

Dish Network HEMORRHAGING Subscribers After Dropping Fox News

It’s only been a few days Dish Network decided to drop Fox News from their channel lineup, and already subscribers are fleeing the provider like rats on a sinking ship.

According to tracking company, Multi Channel, Dish has already lost over 90,000 subscribers as a direct result of killing off Fox and it shows no sign of slowing down. Dish currently has over 14 million subscribers.


A rep for MultiChannel had the following to say about the sharp drop in paying customers, “It is unfortunate that the millions of Fox News viewers on Dish were used as pawns by their provider… Continue reading

787 Dreamliner Debutes In Seattle With High Powered Bait-And-Switch

The humongous Boeing 787 Dreamliner slipped into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Monday supposedly to test “airport readiness” but I figure it was more-so to show off the big bird.

All Nippon Airways, the launch customer for the 787, was touting its new nonstop service from Narita airport to Seattle that starts later this year and it’s a big deal considering it’s the first U.S. service for the 787.

But on a strange note, All Nippon Air brought in one of two 787s equipped with GEnx engines while the production 787s are powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 1000s.

I’m a little suspicious as to why ANA would fly into Sea-Tac for a gate check utilizing a plane — that when in service to the public, will ultimately employ a completely different engine maker. Aren’t the engines kind of a big deal?

The airplane spent about two hours at the airport.