The humongous Boeing 787 Dreamliner slipped into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Monday supposedly to test “airport readiness” but I figure it was more-so to show off the big bird.

All Nippon Airways, the launch customer for the 787, was touting its new nonstop service from Narita airport to Seattle that starts later this year and it’s a big deal considering it’s the first U.S. service for the 787.


But on a strange note, All Nippon Air brought in one of two 787s equipped with GEnx engines while the production 787s are powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 1000s.

I’m a little suspicious as to why ANA would fly into Sea-Tac for a gate check utilizing a plane — that when in service to the public, will ultimately employ a completely different engine maker. Aren’t the engines kind of a big deal?

The airplane spent about two hours at the airport.