Randy Quaid and his wife released what can only be described as a bizarre Youtube video attacking Rupert Murdoch, Warner Brothers, and TMZ.

In the video, Quaid says that he earned the studio over $1 billion in box office revenue for his participation in smash movies like, “Independence Day” and “Christmas Vacation,” while he and his wife remain destitute.


Randy Quaid Rupert Murdoch Video 4

“What did I get in return? A Warner Brothers exec, Bruce Berman, stole my house, and News Corp’s the New York Post continues to smear me to high heaven with a pack of lies,” Quaid claimed, as his bikini-clad wife sits on a bed behind him wearing sunglasses. “For good measure, Warner Brothers even had my wife and I falsely arrested six times by (celebrity gossip website) TMZ,” he claimed. “No, for real. That’s really how it works. ‘Hastgag PMC’ – police-media corruption. Boom!” h/t rawstory

Quaid and his wife are wanted on $500,000 bench warrants after they fled to Canada in 2010 to avoid trial on vandalism and residential burglary charges.