90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord may have just altered the universe as we know it…

Over the weekend, McCord tweeted a photo of herself with absolutely zero makeup on her face, letting ‘Hollywood’ know that she is tired of living up it’s standards.

When people talk about Hollywood, whether they are entertainment hosts, actors, people who have never been to Hollywood- anyone really… I think, ‘Who the hell is Hollywood to them?’ McCord works in Hollywood, so she knows where it is, and what the town is like, but ‘who’ is Hollywood? Have you ever stopped and pondered that? It’s more than just the name of a town, it controls people like a God it seems.Most people just accept that Hollywood is Hollywood, and the town and name somehow sets standards on it’s own, and the standards are so good, that they must be followed. It seems as if movie and TV stars are like spokespeople for the town, and whatever they do, whether they get a D.U.I. or buy a chihuahua, then people think ‘it’s cool’ because ‘Hollywood’ is doing it. ‘Are stars really spokespeople for Hollywood the town?’ you might wonder?


Hollywood is the name of a town that once housed the majority of the entertainment industry’s movie/TV studios, and another Hollywood bonus- most famous actors lived there. It’s not like that anymore, as the Internet and other towns, states, and countries have created their own Hollywoods persay, because anyone can make movies and/or pitch TV shows now.Hollywood is still alive, but barely breathing in my opinion. When Hollywood funded film The Avengers was premiered in Europe first, before America, that’s when I knew that Hollywood is in trouble somehow.But like I said, lots of Hollywoods are popping up all over the world, but somehow, Hollywood, California is still looked at for new trends and major motion picture films like The Avengers or “Batman Dark Knight Rises”. These kinds of blockbusters that are only coming out a few times a year now, are created by studios like Paramount, Warner Brothers or Sony, which are the few big guys left in Hollywood. By the way, Warner Bros. and Sony are not located in Hollywood. WB is in Burbank, and Sony Pictures is in Culver City.Back to what McCord was saying… she obviously had a wake-up call or epiphany when she decided to tweet a photo of herself with no makeup on. She may have finally realized that the term ‘Hollywood’ is a facade- a fantasy created by a board of established, knowledgeable, leader-type people who simply decide everything from what the upcoming fashion trends will be, to ‘what stars they want in their produced films’. She is employed by these high-powered people, as 90210 is filmed in the Hollywood area.

Then, those fashions and trends are sold to you through the movie subliminally, or literally, like if Avengers’ ‘Black Widow’ Scarlett Johansson is drinking a Pepsi in the film, she is a part of “product placement”- Pepsi paid for their drink to be in the movie. The movie is also probably selling Avengers figurine dolls in stores, and even Avengers toys given out in Happy Meals at McDonalds. Movie franchises team up with other corporations to set trends and sell them to you, and they all make profit.Anyway, the word ‘Hollywood’ is used and abused, to the point where it’s perception seems distorted. For one, the town is a dump- sorry but it is, and I’m not kidding. When I lived there, I realized that no one of importance in the film industry actually lives in the town of Hollywood, they all live in Burbank, Toluca Lake, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu… just anywhere far from the not-so-clean town. Also, it’s a term used by entertainment hosts like Mario Lopez, to describe American movies with a large budget.

Stark reality of Hollywood Blvd.

As for ‘who’ qualifies as being a Hollywood person- there is no list of people or actors, but, if an up-and-coming actor gets featured in U.S. Weekly, or they are invited to attend an awards show like the Emmys or Oscars, then they could be thrown in that imaginary ‘Hollywood Club’ that is always talked about in tabloids or on shows like “Entertainment Tonight”. After being pictured in a tabloid(s), which was organized with the actor’s publicist who phoned paparazzi while actor John Doe was shopping at Target, there is a good chance that Doe the now ‘star’ is in line to get more acting work and more exposure. John Doe would become a member of the imaginary ‘Hollywood Club’.Back to AnnaLynne McCord, who inspired me to talk about ‘who’ Hollywood is, she stated these words along with her photo I showed you up top: “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls(and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me!” I wonder- is she talking about her agent or 90210 producers trying to control her decision to wear or not wear makeup? It’s just odd that she is talking about Hollywood as an exterior thing or place, yet she lives near there, and is employed by a Hollywood studio… Is what she said, equivalent to like ‘a town council member of St. Louis, Missouri stating on Twitter that they are tired of the St. Louis law to not wear saggy pants’? Kind of taking a stab at the town you work for and live in?We’re glad that McCord is kind of getting it, or even pondering these thoughts about Hollywood. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and the trends that follow this bare face statement. Will her Hollywood employers take offense and take her out of the game, or will she prevail and create a major movement?Just remember, that she nor you have to listen to script writers who tell Mario Lopez what words to say on Extra, regarding Summer’s top 3 colors of skinny shorts as seen in Hollywood, because it doesn’t truly exist. It’s all made up, backed by the hope of profiting from your purchase at Target.com (who teamed up with Extra for business), where you get $10 off by typing in “Extra” in the coupon code!In other words, why not create your own trends and fashions, instead of following what that dude Hollywood says?

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