DirecTV to CANCEL FX Sons Of Anarchy

Lisa Mason Lee - October 23, 2011

Just when I thought my choice to go with DirecTV for all my TV viewing pleasure was the correct one I catch wind of a behind the scenes struggle over (you guessed it) money that just may result in many of Fox’s channels to be removed from the DirecTV lineup.

Apparently, Money hungry News Corp, you know the guy that bought Myspace, has demanded a huge pay increase from equally cheap DirecTV in order to keep broadcasting FX Network and other Fox sports channels. Estimates put the increase at over 40% per viewer, per year to keep the FX lights on DTV.

If the media giants don’t come to a compromise by November 1st, 2011, FX will go dark, at least for all of us who trusted DirecTV with our entertainment budget and many of us Sons Of Anarchy fanatics will be left with the option of going and watching SOA in all it’s non-HD glory on stinky cable, or you could defect to DTV rival, Dish Network, or watch through the TV store window or there is always taking up a nice hobby, like needle point.


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So if fly fishing lessons are out of the question for the moment and you really just want your SOA without the big business drama your options are limited, that is IF you already subscribe to DTV, as it is in my case, you too may have to just wait it out and watch the SOA replay on the internet.

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    I don

  • Alyssa Peters

    sons of anarchy is a show that many people watch and it is a CHOICE to watch it. if you don't like the content don't watch it. keep sons of anarchy on directv. I'm sure many people will be changing their cable company if it is canceled. I know directv will never recieve another penny from me if it is canceled. don't be a communist.

  • Terresa

    This is just an other rich guy thinking he needs more money or power..I hope anyone who feels this is just as wrong as I do,I hope everyone will stop using any and all services run by this company.

  • missy

    You have me so pissed off I can not even talk rite!!!!!

  • missy

    I doe not what the hell/ they want to cancel “Sons of Anarchy”.
    I wait every week for this show to come on. Please do not cancel my favorite show..Maybe there is chance you can put it on another channel..anything just keep it on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan

    The problem isn’t DirecTv, its News Corp. They’re DEMANDING a 40% increase in the contract negotiations and won’t budge. DirecTv is trying to bring that amount down. Any type of increase will result in customer subscription increases (with any company, not just DTV), but DTV is trying to keep that down so it’s less for their customers. Blame the owners of News Corp (who have had an axe to grind since their “terd bird” did better without them). For those of you that want to switch to Dish over this… have fun with your 40 extra music channels and 10 extra shopping channels…

  • Donald Watkins

    please keep son of anarchy on and please keep fx Please keep my

  • Adam

    It’s hard to be a Sons of Anarchy fan. DISH Network, my employer and TV provider went through much the same issue last year. This is a common practice for FOX when they want more money. I don’t think its right for companies to use customers as leverage. Last year Directv put on a large campaign to lure Cable Vision and DISH Network customers into switching. Those companies were dealing with FOX at the time. Now Directv is in jeopardy of losing the same channels that may have convinced a lot of customers to switch. How many of those customers will now switch back?