Just when I thought my choice to go with DirecTV for all my TV viewing pleasure was the correct one I catch wind of a behind the scenes struggle over (you guessed it) money that just may result in many of Fox’s channels to be removed from the DirecTV lineup.

Apparently, Money hungry News Corp, you know the guy that bought Myspace, has demanded a huge pay increase from equally cheap DirecTV in order to keep broadcasting FX Network and other Fox sports channels. Estimates put the increase at over 40% per viewer, per year to keep the FX lights on DTV.


If the media giants don’t come to a compromise by November 1st, 2011, FX will go dark, at least for all of us who trusted DirecTV with our entertainment budget and many of us Sons Of Anarchy fanatics will be left with the option of going and watching SOA in all it’s non-HD glory on stinky cable, or you could defect to DTV rival, Dish Network, or watch through the TV store window or there is always taking up a nice hobby, like needle point.

So if fly fishing lessons are out of the question for the moment and you really just want your SOA without the big business drama your options are limited, that is IF you already subscribe to DTV, as it is in my case, you too may have to just wait it out and watch the SOA replay on the internet.