Help Save Sons of Anarchy From Being Cancelled on DirectTV

Lisa Mason Lee - October 26, 2011

Kurt Sutter Katey Sagal

Kurt Sutter, the Creator of the FX hit show Sons of Anarchy is very crazyinvolved in his show, so much that he will interrupt his own SOA broadcast with video of himself saying what he wants…he did this multiple times on last night’s episode!

As we reported a few days ago, FX may not be apart of the new DirectTV channels, starting November 1, 2011. This means you will miss the last 5 SOA episodes, plus any other show you may watch on FX such as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


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Sutter, who we love (seriously- look at my pics below!), has returned to Twitter since this chaos has begun- it took a freakin’ mountain to move! He’s pissed, and we love his passion! Let’s support our friends.

Lisa Mason Lee


Charlie Hunnam Lisa Mason Lee


Kim Coates with Lisa Mason Lee


Lance Lombardo with Actress Lisa Mason Lee


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  • Salpoo

    My favorite show next to Breaking Bad! Why is it being cancelled!!!

  • Jones Davis

    Hah, Italy demonstrators rally against Berlusconi

  • Gun

    Why did you put a stop to such a wonderful show ? Come on! You caan tell me the ratings were not there. Please bring thiss sshow back.

  • As Charlie Sheen says, this atircle is “WINNING!”

  • Karen Arndt

    I became VERY ADDICTED to SOA, more so than smoking for 41 years. I had no problem quitting smoking but having a harder time not being able to watch this. Awsome Show

  • Anonymous

    Save Sons!!

  • susie watson

    If Direct drops SOA I will drop Direct!!!! It is the ONLY show I care anything about!!!!

  • Gman

    I love Sutter too, and I think he’s a creative genius the way he has crafted this year’s SOA series. I won’t miss my episodes but that’s because my DISH employee account has FOX channels guaranteed for several years. I for one wouldn’t stand for it and I would switch companies ASAP to avoid missing the final 5 episodes. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the message from Sutter changed to that one soon since the Glee creators are already saying it.

  • erin

    PLEASE PLEASE dont cancel SOA!!! It is my favorite show ever!!!