Tomorrow’s GOP debate airing on the Fox News Channel will be moderated by Megyn Kelly, aka Donald Trump‘s nemesis. Kelly will be joined by fellow Fox News anchors, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace.

Trump, who accused Kelly of asking inappropriate questions in an August debate, later skipped the next Fox debate which aired in January. He is expected to show up for this, the 11th in a series of republican debates.



“Frankly, I have been ready for seven months to move beyond what happened after that August debate,” Kelly said in a recent interview. “I feel like it’s getting boring. Trump has bigger things to worry about, and so do I.”

megyn kelly debate trump Fox News anchors Kelly, Bret Baier Chris Wallace.

The billionaire builder’s brash style has helped garner never-before-seen ratings for all of the news networks, including Fox. Rupert Murdoch owns 21st Century Fox Inc.