Viral Photo Asks: How Many Girls Are In This Picture?

A now viral photo featuring an ‘optical illusion,’ asks a simple question, how many girls are in this photo?

Social media is debating over the exact the number of people actually in the snap. It seems no one can agree. Is it 13? Or 3? Or 2 sets of twins? Or something else entirely? See the complete image below.

how many girls in the photo

As with the infamous dress, this Instagram post has taken a life of its own becoming a viral sensation with over 17,400 likes since it was uploaded last week. We have Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari (@tizzia) to thank for this latest head-scratching viral snap. Continue reading

Entire Ring Made From One 150 Carat Diamond

Feast your eyes on this sucker… I must say that on first blush this ring “wowed me” and I haven’t been wowed by anything blingish since the economy tanked… I would venture a guess that if the maker of this monstrosity could rewind to a simpler time, like when Tiger Woods and his old lady were still together, maybe, just maybe, they would have had at least one potential buyer.