A now viral photo featuring an ‘optical illusion,’ asks a simple question, how many girls are in this photo?

Social media is debating over the exact the number of people actually in the snap. It seems no one can agree. Is it 13? Or 3? Or 2 sets of twins? Or something else entirely? See the complete image below.


how many girls in the photo

As with the infamous dress, this Instagram post has taken a life of its own becoming a viral sensation with over 17,400 likes since it was uploaded last week. We have Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari (@tizzia) to thank for this latest head-scratching viral snap. She originally posted the image as a contribution to Instagram’s weekend hashtag project, a series where the platform sets a weekly challenge for users around a theme. Last week’s topic, #WHPidentity, asked the Instagram community to share images and video “celebrating individuality.” But, the ‘optical illusion’ of seeing a row of the same faces repeated has caused confusion. One user left baffled by the snap resorts to focusing on the little details posting: “Four, two of the girls have bracelets on plus the eye line is different on two of the girls.” But using that same logic, another says: “I see 6 girls when you look at the bracelets.” h/t myfox8

how many girls in the photo

Vergari, meanwhile, has confirmed that the photograph she took features — drum roll please — two sisters looking into a mirror.