Kaley Cuoco: Plastic Surgery Best Decision I Ever Made

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is quite proud of her of her plastic surgery!

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, the 29-year-old actress admits to getting breast implants back in 2004 when she was on the show 8 Simple Rules. Cuoco-Sweeting has never regretted it and even calls getting her surgery done “the best decision I ever made.”Kaley Cuoco new boyfriend

The real question is does her hubby, Ryan Sweeting agree? Some guys like the fake chicks while other guys not so much..

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Doctor Dad Performs Plastic Surgery On Adopted Daughters

Plastic surgeon Michael Niccole started performing surgery on his adopted daughter Charm when she was just ten years old after turning her bellybutton “outie” into an innie.

Since then, Charm, 25, and Brittani, also 25, have both had boob jobs, nose jobs and both get Botox injections regularly, procedures all performed by their adoptive father.


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Bruce Jenner Skin CANCER Scare

It’s not the first time Bruce Jenner has undergone surgery for skin cancer.. The Olympian turned reality star had a successful procedure back in 2012. Bruce once again went under the knife, this time on his nose.0919-bruce-jenner-akm-gsi-nose-3

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Beyonce Spotted With MYSTERY BANDAGE

We don’t need another celebrity health scare on our hands but looks like we might have one brewing as Beyonce was snapped with a circular patch, resembling a bandage, over her right side.

Our eagle eyed friends at MTO noticed the object which appears to be stuck to the singer’s upper-chest.


Yesterday while filming her video, a keen MTO staffer noticed that Bey had what appeared to be a bandage on her [Bey’s] right breast. Continue reading