Kaley Cuoco’s Divorce Getting Ugly? Ryan Sweeting Demands Spousal Support!

Kaley Cuoco’s estranged husband, professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, wants the “Big Bang Theory” actress to support him with her $45 million in earnings.

Cuoco married Sweeting on New Year’s Eve in 2013 after a whirlwind romance of only three months. The actress filed for divorce from the athlete last month, reportedly over his painkiller addiction.

Kaley Cuoco's estranged husband wants her money in divorce

The 29-year-old actress did have a prenuptial agreement in place. Kaley is worth an estimated $45 million, while Ryan is worth around $2 million.

Despite the prenup agreement, Sweeting is still asking for spousal support.

There have been reports that the actress made the decision to end her marriage due to the tennis star’s addiction to painkillers prescribed to him after back surgery.

An insider told Us Weekly, “She supported him, but she said he couldn’t make the commitment to get sober. He’d tell her he was working on it, and instead go get wasted.”

Ryan, 29, once was a very respected professional tennis player, ranking at 64 in the world. Sweeting was previously arrested for DUI and drug possession in 2006, charged with the intent to sell.

Just a few months after Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting tied the knot, he suffered a back injury and became hooked on the painkillers his doctor prescribed.

The prescription pain killer addiction reports have been swirling, but there were also rumors Kaley’s split was caused by her relationship with her “Big Bang Theory” co-star Johnny Galecki.

Cuoco has slammed the romance reports with her co-star, taking to Instagram to address the reports.

Kaley posted on social media, “So sorry to disappoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here. Me and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki are just the best of buds — Leonard and Penny will just have to suffice!”

Kaley Cuoco denies romance with Johnny GaleckiGalecki, 40, also hit back at the rumors with an Instagram post of his own.

Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki denies Kaley Cuoco romanceDid Kaley and Ryan get married too quickly? Three months certainly doesn’t seem long enough to really get to know someone.

Kaley previously stated she just knew he was “the one”, explaining that the relationship happened fast but that’s just how she rolls.

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Kaley Cuoco: Plastic Surgery Best Decision I Ever Made

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Kaley Cuoco ‘Lemme Explain The New Hairdo

Kaley Cuoco explained a new hairdo that was widely dubbed “horrific,” telling Jimmy Kimmel that it was actually an attempt to cover up a welt from where co-star Jason Galecki punched her.

Kaley Cuoco New Hairdo Kaley Cuoco Lemme Explain The New Hairdo

It’s not exactly the way it sounds. The 27-year-old actress said she was rehearsing a scene for Big Bang Theory with Galecki when there characters were supposed to be fighting. Cuoco and Galecki decided to have a bit of fun at the expense of their cast and crewmates and get into a fake brawl instead. The only problem was when Galecki pretended to punch Kaley, he actually connected.

“They [the crew] thought I went under [the table] and sprayed blood on my face,” she said. “I had cracked my head open and I had blood squirting down my face. I didn’t even know. I had no idea.”

The punch left her with a gash that required six stitches, and as a result Kaley Cuoco debuted a new hairdo for January’s SAG Awards that featured what omg! described as “fringey, face-framing, fake-looking bangs and straightened hair.”

“It was really, really bad, so I decided to have the brilliant idea to get bangs,” Kuoco told Jimmy Kimmel about the new hairdo. “As you can see I don’t have bangs so I had to get fake bangs.” Adding, “A bunch of [stylists] said ‘let’s maybe not do the bangs,’ but I wanted to wear them because it covered my eye and I was really insecure about this huge black eye.”

Kaley told Jimmy that she named the bangs Bev, and added that they “almost ruined my career.”

To prove how hated the new hairdo was, Kaley Cuoco read some scathing comments from the internet.

“It’s bad, yeah. It was honestly the worst reviewed hair in history,” she said, later tying the bangs to a bunch of helium balloons and releasing them from the roof of Kimmel’s Hollywood studio.