[GRAPHIC] GT Computer Engineering Senior Scout Schultz Police Shooting Caught On Video

A disturbing video has emerged showing a fatal officer-involved shooting late Saturday night on the Georgia Tech campus that left Scout Schultz, a fourth-year engineering student dead.

The graphic video shows Schultz saying “shoot me,” to responding campus police officers as he advanced while holding a knife.

According to the GBI, Georgia Tech police responded to a 911 call at a Georgia Tech dorm in the 500 block of 8th Street about a person with a knife and a gun at 11:17 pm. When officers arrived, they made contact with 21-year-old Scout Schultz, who officers said was armed with a knife. Officers made multiple attempts to get Schultz to drop the knife. Officers said Schultz was not cooperative, and would not comply with the officers’ commands. They said Schultz advanced on the officers with the knife. When Schultz continued to advance and would not drop the knife, one of the officers fired, striking Schultz. Continue reading

COPS: Scott Weiland’s Tour Bus Pharmacy On Wheels

Police say they found a drug store worth of drugs on board Scott Weiland‘s tour bus ranging from illegal narcotics to prescriptions pills. Scott was found dead in the vehicle’s main bedroom area.

A copy of the search warrant executed on the bus in Bloomington, MN shows cops found at least 2 bags of a white substance that later tested positive for cocaine.


Also on the bus — a generic version of Xanax, 2 different brands of sleeping pills, Buprenorphine … a synthetic opiate painkiller, and Viagra. Continue reading

Glassy Eyed Scott Disick Caught BACK ON THE BOOZE

Sure, Scott Disick‘s reps said he was clean and sober after being sent to the hospital, nearly poisoning himself with alcohol last month, but judging from this photo, snapped
just last night, the reality star is already back up to his old tricks.

Disick was snapped glassy eyed wineglass in hand as he partied with French Montana and Fat Joe.

scott-disick-French Montana Fat Joe

Interesting that Lord D posted the pic himself. We can’t tell what’s in the glass, but it seems Scott has gotten over the night of severe boozing in the Hamptons about a month ago that sent him to a hospital with alcohol poisoning. Continue reading

Nation’s FIRST Transgender POLITICIAN Just Got One Step Closer To Getting Elected

Lauren Scott is on her way to becoming the nation’s very first transgender state legislator.

The Nevada Republican clinched her nomination to represent a Nevada Assembly seat in a race that could have national implications.


“I have always been a moderate and I am willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to find solutions to the problems facing Nevada today,” Scott said in a statement after her victory.

Scott, the executive director of Equality Nevada, won 58 percent of the vote Tuesday in the state Assembly’s 30th District. source

Continue reading

Anderson Cooper Reveals ‘Boyhood Crush’ You’ll NEVER Guess Who!

I have to keep reminding myself that Anderson Cooper came out as gay because every time I hear him talking about a “crush,” I still imagine it being someone of the opposite sex. Appearing on a skit on his own TV show, Anderson had to guess the names of 70s and 80s television shows based on clues compliments Jessica Walters, “One of the stars was Anderson’s childhood crush.” Guest host, Andy Cohen replied, “Which one?” and then Coop correctly guessed “Joanie Loves Chachi.” – “Wait, was the crush Scott Baio?” Cohen began to ask, “Yea,” Anderson admitted. He went on to explain that he considered telling Baio that he had feeling for him but lost his nerve, “He [Baio] was once a guest on the show, but I didn’t have the courage to tell him.”
ONTD.anderson lg

Knowing Scott from the Beverly Hilton days, he would have been, um, flattered… But lemme tell ya, dude is all man.

Scott Weiland ‘You Don’t Call, You Don’t Write’

Dear Scott Weiland, contact your bandmates! They’re worried about you! — If someone would’ve just sent out this salvo before — maybe the guys could’ve avoided this huge legal battle now looming for Stone Temple pilots eventual breakup.  Sources tell the TheCount.com exclusively that the whole problem is over a lack of communication.  scott-weiland[1]Turns out the guys in the band, you know the responsible ones, have been trying to get a hold of Scott since the first of the year, in order to plan their next money grabbing tour, but Scotty boy is avoiding them like the plage —  THUS the situation finally hit a fevered pitch with the deadline to plan a summer tour rapidly approaching.

It’s really simple, Scott doesn’t need much money to survive, he just needs his drugs, but the band on the other hand, they have families, mortgages, you get the picture.

Too bad you can’t just record an album and sit on your ass for three years anymore like the old days! Now you got to go tour, tour, tour. Like Anderson says, keeping them honest! Scott with come around, drugs are expensive too…

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