Police say they found a drug store worth of drugs on board Scott Weiland‘s tour bus ranging from illegal narcotics to prescriptions pills. Scott was found dead in the vehicle’s main bedroom area.

A copy of the search warrant executed on the bus in Bloomington, MN shows cops found at least 2 bags of a white substance that later tested positive for cocaine.



Also on the bus — a generic version of Xanax, 2 different brands of sleeping pills, Buprenorphine … a synthetic opiate painkiller, and Viagra. There was also Ziprasidone … which is used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Scott was diagnosed as bipolar in 2001. According to the docs, all of those drugs were found in a bedroom on the bus. We know Scott’s body was found in a bedroom … although the document does not mention his name. h/t tmz

Scott Weiland died

Cops also found one bag of a green, leafy substance.