The Animal World’s Version of Uber..

Martin Le-May‘s incredible photo of a weasel getting a lift from a local woodpecker has got to be the most amazing thing you’ll see all day..

Some say it’s yet another sign of the end of days while others say it’s the animal world’s version of Uber.. But no matter how you slice it, it’s flippin’ amazing!

Weasel Riding A Woodpecker 2

The woodpecker landed in front of us and I feared the worst. Continue reading

She’s Got Brittany Murphy Eyes – Lady Gaga Looking Weary in Hong Kong

Lady Gaga snapped a picture of herself for Twitter today, after leaving a spinning class at a gym. She tweeted, “Exhausted after Hong Kong spin class! I love this city, you can work out & buy a fake Birkin on the same street.”By the looks of her picture she took just after the sweaty class, Gaga wears a wig, big eyeliner and lipstick whilst working out. Continue reading

Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Baby Mama and Love Child

Did you hear? Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnated he and Maria Shriver’s maid 14 years ago, and out came a son. The news broke finally, and that is why the Sperminator and Shriver are splitting! This was one heck of a secret- wow!

Mildred Patty Baena was their maid for many years, and also, The Groper’s other kind of maid. Shriver had been in the dark about this scandal for 14 years, and Arnold has been quite aware of the son- even so aware, he has taken care of the child’s finances ever since he was born… And the maid- she’s been all smiles and in secret ever since. Reports say that ‘she thinks Arnold is great and she’s cool about the whole thing’!
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Robert Downey Jr. with 15 y.o. son ‘Indio’ in Venice, Italy

Robert Downey Jr. and his rocker son Indio, are vacationing in Venice, Italy, and they were photographed cruising through The Grand Canal on a boat.

**New Pics Of Indio Downey**

This photo only caught Robert’s face along with all of the curious onlookers, so I found a picture of his son just incase you were curious what he looks like! Indio is all of 15 yrs. old, but looks like he’s at least 21! Oh and attention young girls- he’s also in a band called “The Jack Bambis”, who I saw open up for my friend/singer Josie Cotton. The band is all under 18.  My oh my do kids look so old these days!


RDJ's son Indio