Arnold Schwarzenegger Gifts LOVE CHILD Car, One Problem, NO DRIVER’s LICENSE

Arnold Schwarzenegger just bought his illegitimate love child, Joseph Baena, a Jeep for Christmas, there’s just one little problem, the boy doesn’t even have a driver’s license! Matter of fact, the kid can hardly see over the steering wheel (see photo below,) which is weird because he’s over 6-foot-tall!13df6d9a8d3252879485393ef118ae7c
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Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Baby Mama and Love Child

Did you hear? Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnated he and Maria Shriver’s maid 14 years ago, and out came a son. The news broke finally, and that is why the Sperminator and Shriver are splitting! This was one heck of a secret- wow!

Mildred Patty Baena was their maid for many years, and also, The Groper’s other kind of maid. Shriver had been in the dark about this scandal for 14 years, and Arnold has been quite aware of the son- even so aware, he has taken care of the child’s finances ever since he was born… And the maid- she’s been all smiles and in secret ever since. Reports say that ‘she thinks Arnold is great and she’s cool about the whole thing’!
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