Arnold Schwarzenegger just bought his illegitimate love child, Joseph Baena, a Jeep for Christmas, there’s just one little problem, the boy doesn’t even have a driver’s license! Matter of fact, the kid can hardly see over the steering wheel (see photo below,) which is weird because he’s over 6-foot-tall!13df6d9a8d3252879485393ef118ae7c

Arnold¬†traveled to Bakersfield to personally deliver the 16-year-old a brand new 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, reports TMZ.¬†Joseph was pumped over his new found four wheeled good fortune, and may actually learn to love it even more, when he get a driver’s license..


Joseph tried to sneak out for a secret spin … but he was caught by his mom, Mildred Baena, who quickly put a stop to it.