Is Julian Assange DEAD? Wikileaks Drops DEAD MAN’S SWITCH On Twitter

Rumors are swirling on social media that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may be dead after a raid on his residence at the Embassy in Ecuador.

Assange’s death rumors were prompted by three mysterious tweets emanating from the official WikiLeaks Twitter account. The tweets contained what some are calling a “dead man’s switch,” a unique 64-digit code used to activate an emergency contingency plan.


A dead man’s switch is a device that activates when certain requirements are not met. In the most mundane sense of the term, it is used in machinery as a deactivation mechanism if the operator becomes incapacitated. Continue reading

Motley Crue Vince Neil To Appear In New Sharknado Movie

You may already know that, 90210 alum, Ian Ziering, and Scrubs actress, Tara Reid, are back to their roles as Fin and April Shepard in the new Sharknado movie, but what you may not know is, rocker, Vince Neil, singer for Motley Crue, is also set to appear in the franchise.

The movie ingeniously incorporates a slew of celebrity cameos. Neil is believed to play “himself.” Below is a full list appearing in Sharknado 4.

Motley Crue 1

Todd Chrisley as himself

Jillian Barberie as herself

Vince Neil as himself

Wayne Newton as himself

Savannah Chrisley as herself Continue reading

Pamela Anderson: I Am 100 Percent Cured Of Hepatitis C

Pamela Anderson announced on social media that she is has been cured of hepatitis C. The former Baywatch star claims she has finally beat the disease that has plagued her for 16 years.

On Friday, Anderson, 48, posted posted a photo to her Instagram with the following caption:

Pamela Anderson cured hepatitis C

I am CURED!!! – I just found out #nomorehepc #thankyou #blessing #family #prayer #live Continue reading

15 Celebrities Who Went BELLY UP!

How irritating would it be.. Constantly asked for your autograph while you’re wondering how you’ll pay for lunch.. For some “rich” and “famous,” the “rich” part doesn’t last forever, far from it.. Here’s 15 celebrities who have been on the brink of belly-up, and lived to tell the tale.

Pamela Anderson was said to owe $1.1 million in back taxes and debts to construction companies that were working on her Malibu house last year. She reportedly had to put the house up for sale this year just to stay afloat.

How do you spend $70 million? Ask Terrell Owens, who somehow managed to do so, ending up broke and owing money to four different women for child support, among other things.

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Miley Cyrus, CA Resident, Speaks Out Against Horse Drawn Carriages In NYC?

This is one of those things celebrities do that makes them look so foolish! Miley Cyrus speaking out against horse drawn carriages in NYC? The actress singer lives in Toluca Lake California!


I am not taking a stance on the animal right issues that may be involved in Miley’s decision to speak out, rather, I am simply saying, get your nose out of where it does not belong! And if this has anything to do with PETA, I’m pissed off at those guys too…

And I’m not the only one that thinks this is whack! So do the good folks who own carriage companies in NYC! Who are totally pissed the pop star is attempting to shut down their biz.

Miley tweeted her support earlier this week for a petition that supports the ban of horse-drawn carriages in New York City … which didn’t go over too well with the folks at Carriage Operators of North America. Tommy Doyle, a member of the Board of Directors for CONA, tells TMZ there is no horse abuse in the industry and that the animals are “properly tended to” and “very well taken care of.”Doyle says, “How many times has Miley spent with working horses? Does she even know what a healthy horse looks like? Has she been in the barn to see these animals?” Doyle tells us Miley has an open invitation to come see the horse carriage business up close. TMZ.

So come on Miley! People’s livelihoods are at stake here! And you don’t even live in NYC! I mean, you’re just constantly sitting in your room pining over Liam these days! What the hell do you care about a horse of course?