Marilyn Monroe New Clues Make Case For Possible Murder

This mystery, like the participants, will not die. Marilyn Monroe’s death still remains in question but a new recounting of her last night may hold some answers.

Did the Kennedy family have something to do with Monroe’s death? New allegations about Monroe’s final days could help fill in the blanks.

Monroe apparently stayed at Frank Sinatra’s lodge, Cal Neva, the night before she was found dead. Back in the day Cal Neva was a major getaway for hollywood elite.

Bungalow 3 is where Monroe often stayed. The infamous Lake Tahoe area lair of the rich and famous came complete with underground tunnels between rooms that would allow passage from cabin to cabin virtually undetected.

Monroe made a well publicized trip to Cal Neva five days before her death, but according to Monroe’s hairstylist she was also there the night before she died.

Frank Sinatra and mob boss Sam Giancana flew the bombshell actress to the water-front hotel on Frank’s infamous private jet. Frank’s mission was to persuade Monroe, one last time, not to go public with details about her affairs with JFK and Bobby Kennedy, both of them good friends of his. But sadly something must have gone wrong because that morning she was found dead – in Brentwood.

Monroe was discovered in her bed by her physician, face down and braless. Marilyn was known to always wear a bra.

The coroner ruled Monroe’s death “probable suicide” even though there were enough drugs in her to kill about three people and absolutely nothing in her stomach.

To round out the conspiracy, Bobby Kennedy reportedly visited Monroe hours before she died. The housekeeper, Mrs. Murray, was ordered out of the house by Bobby.

Police reports including FBI files and other evidence on Monroe were lost, destroyed or blacked out. Her diary was missing from beside her bed.

The List: Whitney Houston Death Conspiracy Theories

There is a now-large sector of people out there in the world, that truly believe that famous people who die suddenly like Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger- and the list goes back all the way to Marilyn Monroe and even Elvis…have actually died for a ‘sacrifice’, or were even pushed over the edge on purpose.

Many famous people in history who have suffered drug related deaths, have a lot of mystery surrounding their ‘true cause of death’. There is a toxicology test done, along with an autopsy on a deceased body, but who’s to say that those records aren’t altered for the public? Maybe famous deaths are sometimes in fact ‘sacrifices’ for something ‘bigger’, or these deaths that seem like ‘drug overdoses’, are actually murders?

After seeing so many stars die suddenly and in a strange way, you have to wonder- WHY?!
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Is Megan Fox Pregnant?

Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green were photographed out in Burbank, CA over the weekend, and we’re wondering if she finally made ‘it’ happen?Fox has expressed in recent interviews, that she wants to have a baby with BAG, and start a family. Is that happening now?

Fox looks a little big preggers this picture. I know I look prego after I eat, and maybe she just ate a meal too. But could she be ‘starting a family’ now?
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Michelle Williams Doesn’t Carry Marilyn’s Sex Appeal

Michelle Williams may look similar to Marilyn in her recent film “My Week with Marilyn”, but Williams lacks the sex appeal that Marilyn Monroe had.

Williams is a great actress, and even did a pretty decent job playing Monroe, and even looked like her, but people still aren’t convinced that she oozes any similar amount of sex appeal like Monroe did.

Williams has always been cast as the meek, somber, quiet, boyish indie girl, and with her recent role as Monroe, people think that she can come across just as sexy as the former Bombshell? We think not.

Williams’ new cover on GQ Magazine, shows Williams in a bra and underwear, but we don’t see anything really ‘sexy’ about it. What’s missing?

The fact is, no one can replace Monroe even if they dress up like her. There will always be one MM who existed, and Williams cannot take her place.

Playboy Goes Up

These days with “Avatar” “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Alice In Wonderland” all being presented in 3D, why not slide that technology over to the dark side? I’m talking about Playboy magazine. You heard right, for the first time ever, the Playboy centerfold will be presented in 3D, ZOMG! It seems to make sense, women’s not-so private parts jumping off the page in stunning 3D, however, the thought of men all over the world, in their bathrooms, wearing 3D glasses, (glasses included) just creeps me out. Chances are it won’t bother Hugh Hefner a bit, after all, he’s seen enough double Ds in his life time, maybe the time has come to take it to the next level.

Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Sold!

marilyn monroe crypt 300x252 Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Sold!

The crypt above Marilyn Monroe was just sold today for $4.6 million at an auction on eBay. Bidding for the auction started at $500,000 on Aug 14. It isunknown who bought the crypt. We thought Hugh Hefner would.

The crypt above Marilyn at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery is being vacated, making room for someone else. A woman named Elsie Poncher, sold her husband’s crypt above Marilyn to pay off her house mortgage! Her husband had bought the crypt from Marilyn’s ex husband Joe DiMaggio in 1954. DiMaggio had planned on being laid to rest above Marilyn, but he changed his mind and sold the plot when he and Marilyn divorced in 1954.

Monroe was laid to rest at the cemetery in 1962. Mr. Poncher was put to rest above Marilyn “face down” in 1986. Elsie Poncher said that Mr. Poncher will now be moved one plot over from the original.

Read more about the backstory here.

Will Hugh Hefner Also Buy the Tomb Above Marilyn Monroe For Sale?

As Count reported, the plot above Marilyn Monroe is for sale at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetary! After hearing this, I just had to add to this saga!

Marilyn’s plot was originally bought by Marilyn’s ex husband and NY Yankees Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, who sold it to a woman named Elsie Poncher, after divorcing from Monroe in 1954. Continue reading

For Sale: Crypt Directly Above Marilyn Monroe

A widow is selling her husband’s occupied crypt located directly above Marilyn Monroe in an effort to pay off her mortgage.

Elsie Poncher has an auction running on eBay selling the crypt and has received bids up to $2.5 million.

ww1Up until now Poncher’s late husband has been entombed face down looking at Monroe.

The plot was bought from Joe DiMaggio who sold it to Poncher after divorcing from Monroe in 1954. Poncher died in 1986 at the age of 81, Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 32.

Mrs. Poncher said she plans to move her husband over one crypt, a spot that was reserved for her, and she will now be cremated when her time comes.

Speaking to the LA Times, Poncher said she was doing this to raise enough money to pay off the $1.6 million mortgage on her Beverly Hills home.

“I can’t be more honest than that, I want to leave it free and clear for my kids.”