Michelle Williams may look similar to Marilyn in her recent film “My Week with Marilyn”, but Williams lacks the sex appeal that Marilyn Monroe had.

Williams is a great actress, and even did a pretty decent job playing Monroe, and even looked like her, but people still aren’t convinced that she oozes any similar amount of sex appeal like Monroe did.


Williams has always been cast as the meek, somber, quiet, boyish indie girl, and with her recent role as Monroe, people think that she can come across just as sexy as the former Bombshell? We think not.

Williams’ new cover on GQ Magazine, shows Williams in a bra and underwear, but we don’t see anything really ‘sexy’ about it. What’s missing?

The fact is, no one can replace Monroe even if they dress up like her. There will always be one MM who existed, and Williams cannot take her place.