Be Still My Throbbing Nether Region

Soho got a little bit sexier when Keanu Reeves  passed through while taking a break from shooting his romantic comedy Henry’s  Crime .  Keanu has a busy 2010 ahead of him.  In addition to being the apple of my eye, the 45 year old Matrix star is set to star in the scifi romance  Passengers. I read the screenplay a few years ago and I was impressed.  That says a lot,  cause’  as a general rule I hate everything.  I thought it was sweet,  soulful and absolutely perfect for Keanu.

I was happy to see some new pictures of  Keanu as he made a cameo in my dream last night.  Unfortunately, it was strictly PG in nature.

I know I talk a good game, but once (for realsies) I found myself a few feet away from Mr. Reeves at some function.  I couldn’t even remember my own name.  He was being his normal charming and personable  self  where as  I did  everything I could think of to avoid eye contact,  just short of regurgitating my dinner.  God forbid, if the guy had actually spoken to me I would probably have wet myself.   Sexy right?  Do guys like girls who wear Depends?

Keanu’s Crime

Finally a picture that illustrates  exactly what I see when I say: “Keanu it’s me Michelle.  Remember me? We shared that amazing weekend in Cabo?”

The very sexy, albeit grumpy Keanu Reeves is in Tarrytown New York filming his new romantic comedy “Henry Crimes”.   Keanu plays Henry, a bighearted man who is falsely accused of robbing a bank in Buffalo.   Maybe the 45 year old actor’s current mood stems from being sued for a bogus paternity claim by some crazy woman  late last year?  Gees, lighten up Keanu.   I said I was sorry.

James Cameron FINALLY Shows off Avatar

James Cameron

James Cameron

After years and years of waiting, James Cameron finally showed people a clip of his hotly anticipated film AvatarAvatarfollows the story of a crippled human (Sam Worthington) who is transported to an alien world and gets involved in a epic war.  If anyone can pull it off it’s Cameron, whose last film was a little flick titled Titanic.

Cameron previewed more than 20 minutes of the film at a Comic Con panel yesterday.  The hall was already at full capacity since it followed the New Moonpanel but the audience was nonetheless engaged and, from the sound of many reports, blown away.  The film relies heavily on cutting-edge special effects and promises to set the bar on digital and 3D motion pictures.  In fact, the technology needed for the movie has been 15 years in the making.  Yikes.

Cameron also promised that IMAX theaters across the country will show footage of the new film on August 21, which he dubbed “Avatar Day”.

Reeves jury sees paparazzo in action

LOS ANGELES – Jurors on Thursday got to see the paparazzo suing Keanu Reeves in action.

Reeves’ attorneys played a video Thursday from Alison Silva’s Web site that showed Silva using his supposedly damaged left hand to hold onto razor wire atop a fence to shoot video of Britney Spears. Silva then used his left hand to scale down the fence.

The video was made after Silva fell while shooting photos of Reeves behind the wheel of his Porsche in March 2007. Silva contends he seriously injured his wrist, which caused him to miss work for at least six months. He furthers contends he needs a second surgery to properly heal.

Even then, the Brazilian-born paparazzo and his doctors contend he will not be able to grip objects, such as his camera, properly.

After the video was shown Thursday, Silva, who has spent part of the last three days on the witness stand, was unapologetic.

“That was a good video,” he told Reeves’ attorney, Mark M. Williams.

Silva contended Thursday that he has given up shooting with a still camera and now exclusively uses a handheld video camera with his right hand.

And he still climbs fences, he conceded. “Yes, we do that a lot times,” Silva said.

Silva’s statements have been repeatedly contradicted by documents and testimony since the civil trial began Monday. A deputy and paramedics have testified that Silva complained of pain in his left knee moments after he claims Reeves struck him with his car, but Silva testified it was his right knee that was hit.

He also said on the stand that he could not remember giving different statements to doctors, deputies and witnesses about what happens. He insists Reeves’ car hit him, although a Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy testified Thursday that neither Silva nor Reeves’ sports car bore any marks indicating a collision.

Williams also on Thursday got Silva to acknowledge that he had no records to back up his statements that he was earning between $4,000 to $6,000 a month before the incident with Reeves.

The star of “Speed,” the “Matrix” trilogy and the upcoming remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” has remained in the courtroom throughout the trial, occasionally conferring with his lawyers.

Jurors are expected to begin deliberating on the case Friday afternoon.