Soho got a little bit sexier when Keanu Reeves  passed through while taking a break from shooting his romantic comedy Henry’s  Crime .  Keanu has a busy 2010 ahead of him.  In addition to being the apple of my eye, the 45 year old Matrix star is set to star in the scifi romance  Passengers. I read the screenplay a few years ago and I was impressed.  That says a lot,  cause’  as a general rule I hate everything.  I thought it was sweet,  soulful and absolutely perfect for Keanu.

I was happy to see some new pictures of  Keanu as he made a cameo in my dream last night.  Unfortunately, it was strictly PG in nature.


I know I talk a good game, but once (for realsies) I found myself a few feet away from Mr. Reeves at some function.  I couldn’t even remember my own name.  He was being his normal charming and personable  self  where as  I did  everything I could think of to avoid eye contact,  just short of regurgitating my dinner.  God forbid, if the guy had actually spoken to me I would probably have wet myself.   Sexy right?  Do guys like girls who wear Depends?