KE$HA Openly Weeps In Court After Losing Sony Injunction

Kesha hammered tears in court after a judge ruled she will not be released from her Sony Music contract.

The TiK ToK singer had sought an injunction allowing her to make an album outside of Sony, but the judge disagreed ruling she will remain under the Sony umbrella.

kesha crying

Kesha is accusing her longtime producer Dr. Luke of sexually, mentally, and physically abusing her during the years they cranked out hit music Continue reading


Our friends over at urban gossip website,, are saying, they are almost, completely, 100%, positive – that, wait for it.. Singer, superstar Alicia Keys is – With child! That’s right folks! If MTO is right, (this time,) Alicia Keys is pregnant! So really! Don’t quote me on that, unless it ends up being true, then do.

alicia keys 2013 met gala IS ALICIA KEYS PREGNANT?

just got PRETTY CLOSE TO A CONFIRMATION yesterday . . . that R&B superstar ALICIA KEYS IS PREGNANT.

Our antennae’s went UP earlier in the week when Alicia showed up at the Met Gala with a BIT OF A BUMP . . . . but we couldn’t get anyone to SPEAK ON IT.

But last night, we spoke to a CELEB INSIDER and FRIEND of Alicia’s that told us Alicia DID NOT HAVE A SIP OF ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC on Monday. And when our snitch asked Alicia if she was pregnant, Alicia SMILED and refused to answer the question.


Alicia already has one child with Beatz.

Just in case MTO is right I’ll say it.. Congratulations Alicia and um, Swizz!

KE$HA New Look! Best Ever?

I have really got to hand it to Ke$ha! This is by far one of the singer’s best looks.. NOT! This reminds me of the Katy Perry video where she wore the headgear. Yeah I hated that too. Pandering to the kids is fine but when you do that you run the risk of turning off a lot of your over 12-year-old fans too. Certainly not implying Ke$ha has any of those.


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KE$HA TWEETS: ‘I Was Forced To Sing DIE YOUNG’

Oh crazy Ke$ha! In the wake of the shootings at a Newtown Connecticut school, Ke$ha apologized for recording her song “Die Young” by saying she was FORCED to sing the words!


Ke$ha made the shocking admission on Twitter and then deleted the tweet…

NYPost: Ke$ha apologized for the controversy surrounding her song “Die Young” in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, but she then blamed others for the lyrics of the song.

She tweeted on Tuesday, “I had my very own issue with ‘die young’ for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.” However, that tweet has now been removed from her account.

Ke$ha’s label RCA had no comment about the tweet, or the recording artist being “FORCED” to write the song.

Meanwhile a report says Ke$ha took FULL credit for writing the song, contradicting her Tuesday tweet.

“I definitely make sure that every word rings true to me because I would never want to misrepresent myself to millions of people around the world,” she told 96.5 WPLJ in New York in November, according to TMZ. “I wrote and rewrote and rewrote that song ten times.”

A source close to the pop singer also tells HollywoodLife today that Ke$ha now feels “attacked.”

“She realized that what she wrote on Twitter was not right, but she feels she is being attacked over something she didn’t do.”

The song – which includes the lyrics, “Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young” – was pulled by several radio stations after Friday’s tragic events.

A source tells HollywoodLife that Ke$ha is attempting to do “damage control” and “she doesn’t give a [bleep] with controversy, but the song not being on the radio or being played is affecting her pocketbook.”