If you’ve been looking forward to seeing¬†Pitbull and or Ke$ha¬†live in concert and you live in Australia, you’re plumb out of luck, because the popular American artist’s Party tour has been nixed over soft ticket sales..download (18)

The rapper, AKA, Mr Worldwide, is suddenly anything but global after alerting fans on Facebook,


“Regrettably the promoter is cancelling the Australian tour, refunds will be available at point of purchase. We hope to return to Australia in the not too distant future.”

The tour promoter did not cite a reason for the cancellation, however, if you ask Pitbull fans, they know good and well why, and it’s all over KE$HA..

One Pitbull fan put it this way,

“I like Pitbull. why would he even associate with trash like Kesha. His concerts are awesome. but on principle I wouldn’t pay a cent if she is involved..”

The Ke$ha factor must have impacted ticket sales because Pitbull usually has no problem selling out arenas in Australia and successfully did so last time around touring with co-headliner, Enrique Iglesias. Looks like curse of the Ke$ha strikes again!