GANG MEMBERS Contact Jeremy Meeks New Manager Threaten Life

Jeremy Meeks a.k.a, McDreamy Mugshot, may have landed a new manager, but in the process, the famous felon‘s new manager fielded a few scary calls from gang members.

Since signing Meeks, his brand spanking new manager has already received several death threats, compliments of Northside Crips gang members.

jeremy-meeks mug shot

Meeks’ family hooked the convicted felon up with some representation this week — hoping to capitalize on his new-found fame — but things quickly went south. Continue reading

Bieber Buddy ‘Lil Za’ Racks Up 3 FELONIES Facing 9 YEARS

Lil Za Charged with 3 Felonies in Justin Bieber Raid.

One thing that this drama clearly demonstrates, Lil Za, Bieber’s best buddy, does NOT know when to play it cool.. You would think the kid would have cut the act when he intervened with law enforcement, but no.. His best bet was to cooperate with the cops.. However, after behaving like a total diva including but not limited to breaking up a jail phone, Lil Zha Zha has officially been charged with 3 FELONIES. In other words, they threw the book at him.lil-za

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Guy Charged With Felony After Asking For Water At McDonalds

NAPLES, Fla. –Cops say a Florida man is still in jail after getting slapped with a felony offense for filling a McDonald’s water glass with soda.

Police arrested Mark Abaire, 52, after the manager gave him a cup of water intended for water and then the thirsty guy made the fatal mistake of filling it with fountain soda.

The Naples Daily News reports Abaire was sitting outside the restaurant when the manager asked him to pay a dollar for the soda. Abaire refused, then would not leave the premises. Police arrived and arrested him.

The charge is a mere petty theft, but because Abaire has prior petty theft convictions authorities bumped it up to a felony, in other words, a third-degree charge that could result in a sentence of up to five years and a $5,000 fine all for stealing a drink…

Paris Hilton Getting Nailed with Drug Felony-Prison Next?

Paris Hilton was busted in Las Vegas this weekend, with over .8 grams of cocaine that was found in her purse when she got pulled over. She originally was pulled over because cops noticed smoke coming from her windows, and a strong smell of marijuana. They found her and her boyfriend in the car-then the cocaine was found in Hilton’s purse-she claimed it “wasn’t her purse”!

Paris is getting charged with a drug felony, and since it was in Nevada, she could get 1 to 4 years in prison, a possible fine of $5,000 or probation.

George Michael Wrecks Rover then gets Arrested on DUI


“I’m never gunna, drive, I mean dance again” George Michael might be changing the words to his ultra popular song after getting in to some trouble on the road in England.

Apparently, Michael’s Land Rover collided with another vehicle, which resulted in only minor injuries. Bobbies arrived and arrested Michael; he was later released without charge.

In 2007 Michael got his driving privileges revoked for two years after a guilty plea for driving under the influence of drugs. There is no word on if this recent arrest will jeopardize his ability to legally operate a motor vehicle.


George Michael has released a statement saying he was in fact “stone cold sober.” Michael says he didn’t want his fans or family “worried by what they are reading.”