SC Cop Charged Sex With Underage Girl in PATROL CAR And At Frankie’s Fun Park

Greenville, S.C. Upstate police officer, Adam Kyle Snelgrove, is facing multiple felony charges after being accused of a relationship with an underage teen from May 2012 to May 2015, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Snelgrove, 31, was arrested Monday and charged with criminal solicitation of a minor, 15 years old and misconduct in office. Documents claim Snelgrove also tried to coerce or entice the girl into sexual activity on other occasions, including at least one time at, Frankie’s Fun Park.

Adam Snelgrove Frankie’s Fun Park

Warrants say Snelgrove committed “criminal sexual conduct with a minor, criminal solicitation of a minor and had sexual relations in his city-issued patrol car while on duty.” Continue reading

“Selfie War” Paramedics ARRESTED In Florida; Exposed Elderly Patient’s Private Area

A pair of Florida paramedics have been arrested after engaging in a “selfie war” competition that used patients under their care as “props.” The game included holding open one patient’s eyelid and exposing a private area of an elderly woman. Many of the victims were unconscious at the time the photos were taken.

Kayla Renee Dubois, 24, and Christopher Wimmer, 33, were arrested by deputies and charged with multiple felonies. Authorities identified a total of 41 patients used in the game ranging from ages 24-86.

Kayla Renee Dubois Christopher Wimmer

“Many patients were intubated, sedated, or otherwise unconscious at the time,” said Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley’s office Facebook page. Continue reading

Teen Beauty And Babyface Boyfriend Charged In Ohio DOUBLE MURDER

Columbus police have arrested Mia V. Shamis and Connor C. Jefferies Wednesday and charged them each with two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of 20-year-old Gary Francis and 21-year-old James Miller Jr.

Shamis, 19, and Jefferies, 21, were charged in a pair of murders that took place near the rear garage of Enterprise Rent-A-Car located on Tussing Road in Columbus.

Mia V. Shamis tussing murder suspect

Police said Shamis and Jefferies met with 20-year-old Gary Francis and 21-year-old James Miller Jr. in a parking lot behind Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Continue reading

TX Pot Candy Bust Alarming Parents As Halloween Approaches

A recent pot bust in Conroe Tx., is raising concern among parents nationwide as Halloween approaches.

Montgomery County authorities discovered during a narcotics sting targeting an illegal shipment of hydroponic marijuana from California, that the marijuana had been fashioned into candy that was then shipped across state lines for delivery.

pot candy bust texas

Monday afternoon, agents executed a search warrant at a home in the 10300 block of Airport Road in Conroe. During a search, Continue reading

WA Teens Face 5 Years After Misdemeanor Pot Law Turns Felony

It may now be legal to smoke medical marijuana as an adult in Washington State, but a sneaky new law has made it a serious felony charge for youths caught with the green stuff.

The offense for persons under 21 was previously a slap on the wrist misdemeanor with a maximum 90-day jail sentence, but now under the new law, youths can get up to five years in prison, while forever being branded a felon.

marijuana law wa

A prosecutor in southeastern Washington has charged three teens with felonies for marijuana possession, saying a new law demands the higher level of offense. Continue reading

Bobbi Kristina WANTED BY COPS At Time Of Tragedy

At the time of Bobbi Kristinas tragic drowning last weekend, she had a warrant out for her arrest.

Three days before Brown was found unconscious at home in her bathtub, the court had issued a warrant for her arrest over failing to appear at a traffic violation hearing.

bobbi kristina  accident scene

Signed by Alpharetta Municipal Court Judge Lee Whiteside, the warrant states that for failure to appear on Jan. 14, Continue reading

MI Teen Arrested HALFWAY THROUGH Shaving Head To Disguise Himself

A Holland Michigan teen is facing felony charges for attacking his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend with a baseball bat and pick axe.

19-year-old Codi Antoniello was in the process of shaving his head in order to change his appearance when cops showed up and took him into custody.

Codi Antoniello shaves head

Antoniello, of Holland City, and a 16-year-old teen from Holland Township, were charged with first degree home invasion and felonious assault.  Continue reading

War Machine LAUGHS In Court As Christy Mack Describes Assault (VIDEO)

War Machine caught laughing in court as his ex-girlfriend describes the brutal beating she absorbed compliments of the martial arts fighter.

The judge was quick to admonish the MMA fighter, whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, for his actions, which he denied..

War Machine LAUGHS In Court As Christy Mack Describes Assault

Las Vegas court was the setting Friday for a preliminary hearing on charges of attempted murder, assault, battery, open and gross lewdness and strangulation of former girlfriend Christy Mack. Continue reading

Officer Darren Wilson FAILS To Appear In Court

It is an understatement to say that Officer Darren Wilson has been ‘laying low’ since the shooting death of an unarmed black teen, and in that time of obscurity, Wilson has been blowing off his pre-scheduled court dates.

Trying to avoid the media and the general public, Wilson not been seen in court since August 9, and in his absence, a total of six criminal cases have been dismissed. As the arresting officer, Wilson is supposed to appear to testify.

Darren-WilsonA St Louis County judge on Monday dismissed a felony drug possession charge against a 28-year-old. The judge had previously agreed to put the case on hold after Wilson missed a late September preliminary hearing. Continue reading

After N.C. Woman Arrested GUN Found In Hidden In Weave

Raleigh, N.C., authorities got a shock after arresting a woman at a nightclub and finding a gun hidden in her hair weave.

The Sheriff’s Office said the woman, Tiffanie Lizette Bass, was in the booking area of the Detention Center, but had not yet been processed into the jail area when the gun was located.

tiffanie lizette bass gun weave

Bass, 32, a convicted felon, was charged with resisting an officer, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a stolen firearm.

Continue reading