Officer Darren Wilson FAILS To Appear In Court

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It is an understatement to say that Officer Darren Wilson has been ‘laying low’ since the shooting death of an unarmed black teen, and in that time of obscurity, Wilson has been blowing off his pre-scheduled court dates.

Trying to avoid the media and the general public, Wilson not been seen in court since August 9, and in his absence, a total of six criminal cases have been dismissed. As the arresting officer, Wilson is supposed to appear to testify.

Darren-WilsonA St Louis County judge on Monday dismissed a felony drug possession charge against a 28-year-old. The judge had previously agreed to put the case on hold after Wilson missed a late September preliminary hearing.


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Wilson also didn’t appear before a grand jury in the Brooks case, an alternative that associate circuit judge Mary Bruntrager Schroder signed off on at the previous hearing.

Wilson received a Ferguson city council commendation in February for his role in Brooks’ arrest one year earlier.

A grand jury is still reviewing evidence in the case between Michael Brown and Wilson. That decision is expected to come down at any time. h/t theguardian

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    Proceed with the case anyway…..if he gives up his rights to face his accusers thats his problem. Murdered victims never show up for their cases and the prosecuter moves forward with the proceedings. If he is convicted, then put a warrent out for his arrest. His lawyer just needs to be there to represent his and any and all witnesses involved. He legally already gave his testimony of facts when he filed a report with the agency.