Judge To Columbus Short: DO NOT LEAVE CALIFORNIA

Columbus Short, former star of TV series “Scandal,” has been ordered by a Judge to restrict his travel to California.

The actor is the suspect in a felony battery case charged with punching a man and causing great bodily injury in March.

columbus short travel restricted 2

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Mark Zuckman issued the order Tuesday after the actor missed an October court appearance. A prosecutor asked that Short’s bail be increased to $500,000 because of the absence and other missed court dates, but Zuckman allowed bail to remain at $250,000. The actor left the hit ABC series “Scandal” after he was charged. Continue reading

Officer Darren Wilson FAILS To Appear In Court

It is an understatement to say that Officer Darren Wilson has been ‘laying low’ since the shooting death of an unarmed black teen, and in that time of obscurity, Wilson has been blowing off his pre-scheduled court dates.

Trying to avoid the media and the general public, Wilson not been seen in court since August 9, and in his absence, a total of six criminal cases have been dismissed. As the arresting officer, Wilson is supposed to appear to testify.

Darren-WilsonA St Louis County judge on Monday dismissed a felony drug possession charge against a 28-year-old. The judge had previously agreed to put the case on hold after Wilson missed a late September preliminary hearing. Continue reading

In The End: James Holmes Will Be Remembered As A Double Coward

There’s no question that James Holmes concocted an elaborate plan to kill defenceless people at a theater and more even carnage by booby-trapping his apartment, so it was no surprise when cops revealed in pre-trial testimony that he also planned more pain by packing his car full of “follower foilers,” one of the items being these weird objects called “Road Spikes,” constructed to pop the tires of the guy behind you…

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