In The End: James Holmes Will Be Remembered As A Double Coward

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There’s no question that James Holmes concocted an elaborate plan to kill defenceless people at a theater and more even carnage by booby-trapping his apartment, so it was no surprise when cops revealed in pre-trial testimony that he also planned more pain by packing his car full of “follower foilers,” one of the items being these weird objects called “Road Spikes,” constructed to pop the tires of the guy behind you…


But the truth of the matter is that when Holmes was confronted by police, he immediately threw his hands up in an overly animated fashion, think Jim Carey meets Barney Fife,


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Aurora Sgt. Gerald Jonsgaard, testified that he was at a different vantage point and had the suspect in the crosshairs of his rifle scope when Holmes threw his hands up in the air for approaching officers. “It was instant and exaggerated,” Jonsgaard said. “It was like he was surprised or something like that.” source yahoo!

So when the chips were down, Homes’ cowered (thank god) like the little puss coward he is…

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