JAMES HOLMES Leaked Memo: University KNEW Of Homicidal Thoughts

A shocking leaked report coming out of the James Holmes murder trial states that the University had prior knowledge the future killer had serious mental problem, was a threat and more specifically, that he had killing people on his mind, aka, homicidal thoughts..


The report indicates that at least one campus police officer viewed Holmes as potential threat, stating that his ID card had been deactivated over an altercation with his psychiatrist. It was also mentioned Holmes had homicidal thoughts.

University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said Friday she could not elaborate on the school’s statement because of a judge’s gag order. Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the July 20 shootings. Source.

Katie Holmes Glamour Shot Of a Gym Card ID Revealed!

Katie Holmes gym ID card photo revealed! Hey! It’s called light hearted news! And don’t complain because I could be writing about a tripple homicide in Toledo! I mean if there was one I would! But there wasn’t one! So watch it! Anyway, let’s just go with this one..

Habitually casual Holmes was spotted out and about in New York City, not only make-up-less but also with the dreadfully messy ponytail. But that didn’t stop the former Mrs. Cruise from going full-tilt with the styling for her gym photo! Where was that picture taken? Glamour shots?

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In The End: James Holmes Will Be Remembered As A Double Coward

There’s no question that James Holmes concocted an elaborate plan to kill defenceless people at a theater and more even carnage by booby-trapping his apartment, so it was no surprise when cops revealed in pre-trial testimony that he also planned more pain by packing his car full of “follower foilers,” one of the items being these weird objects called “Road Spikes,” constructed to pop the tires of the guy behind you…

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James ‘JOKER’ Holmes Standing Backward Falls Off Bunk In Suicide Attempt

James “Joker” Holmes, the man responsible for killing 12 people in the Colorado movie massacre has been trying to kill himself, frequently, in jail. One such occasion Holmes ran headfirst into wall but only ended up doing minor damage, on another occasion he stood atop his bunk and fell backwards — hoping to crack open his skull — that did not work either… Hard headed? Or just empty headed?

Honestly I’m a little surprised that authorities don’t have this nutcase in a padded cell.

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I have had countless requests for more information about the woman who was sitting to the left of the Joker, James Holmes, throughout his courtroom advisement. Her name is Tamara Brady, and she was randomly picked as Holmes’ assigned public defender. While suspects usually interact with their defenders during the judge’s address, Holmes sat completely silent — rolling his eyes and practically falling asleep… Continue reading

BREAKING: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes To Divorce!

Wow! After their 5-year contract marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are DIVORCING!

There are no documents showing the actual divorce papers as of now, but TMZ got a confirmation from Holmes’ attorney, who stated: “This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest,” said Attorney Jonathan Wolfe.
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