THE LIVING: #Ferguson Embattled Cop GETS HITCHED!

A Ferguson police officer, who shot an unarmed teen quietly got married to another police officer two months ago.

An uncovered marriage license shows, Darren Wilson, 28, got married to Barbara Spradling, 37, on Oct. 24, with one of his lawyers signing the license as a witness.

Darren Wilson Barbara Spradling

The NYT, which first reported the nuptials, said the couple own a home together. Continue reading

Country Singer CANCELS St Louis CONCERT Over Ferguson Riot Fears

Country crooner Hunter Hayes has canceled his St. Louis concert at Chaifetz Arena Thursday night over fear of possible Ferguson rioting in the wake of a pending grand jury decision.

According to the singer’s press release, he will reschedule the performance for next year.

Hunter Hayes cancels concert st louis

“Out of respect for Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s declaration declaring a state of emergency in Missouri, Hunter Hayes’ Thursday, November 20 show at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis has been cancelled,” a press release announcing the cancellation said. Continue reading

Ferguson Protest Leader Victim Of CAR THEFT

Elizabeth Vega, the woman who has been making life miserable for cops and residents in St. Louis by coordinating endless #Ferguson protests, has herself become the victim of crime.

Vega announced on Twitter that her car was stolen while she was protesting: “So while debriefing after the action my car got stolen.”

Elizabeth Vega car stolen

Vega co-led the St Louis Symphony interruption, was arrested at a pumpkin smashing, yelled at the St Louis Post Dispatch protest, helped block traffic in Clayton yesterday. Continue reading

Officer Darren Wilson FAILS To Appear In Court

It is an understatement to say that Officer Darren Wilson has been ‘laying low’ since the shooting death of an unarmed black teen, and in that time of obscurity, Wilson has been blowing off his pre-scheduled court dates.

Trying to avoid the media and the general public, Wilson not been seen in court since August 9, and in his absence, a total of six criminal cases have been dismissed. As the arresting officer, Wilson is supposed to appear to testify.

Darren-WilsonA St Louis County judge on Monday dismissed a felony drug possession charge against a 28-year-old. The judge had previously agreed to put the case on hold after Wilson missed a late September preliminary hearing. Continue reading

VIOLENCE ERUPTS Between Rams Fans And Ferguson Protesters

Rams fans and Ferguson protesters erupted in violence this afternoon in downtown St. Louis.

Dozens of imported protesters and Rams fans began to argue which lead to several physical confrontations.

VIOLENCE ERUPTS Between Rams And Ferguson Protesters

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, David Carson, witnessed the incident. The newspaper reports that a fan appeared to spit on one of the protesters. Continue reading

Newscast Catches UFO Whizzing By During LIVE Broadcast

A Saint Louis Labor Day lightning storm put the spotlight on something very strange streaking across the night sky.

Anchor, Shirley Washington, was explaining that a meteorologist would be giving updates on the severe weather when something shoots across the screen. The flying object is illuminated by flashes of lightning and then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone..

ufo saint louis lightening Continue reading