Coast Guard Picks Up Blood Sample From Carnival Magic Ebola Patient

The Coast Guard helicoptered to the Carnival Magic to retrieve a blood sample taken from a Dallas health care worker who is aboard a cruise ship and being monitored for signs of Ebola.

The Coast Guard crew flew the helicopter Saturday to meet the Carnival Magic crisis team and lower a basket of unknown supplies. The woman exchanged her blood sample, which was then transported back to a state lab in Austin.

Coast Guard Picks Up Blood Sample From Carnival Magic Ebola Patient

The decision to take the sample was made in coordination with the federal, state and local health authorities.

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Trace Adkins REHAB After Brawling With Trace Adkins Impersonator

Country singer Trace Adkins fought himself on a cruise ship Monday or at least he may have thought he was fighting himself because it seems Trace was really wasted and he just checked into rehab.

TMZ is reporting, Trace was headlining a country cruise headed to Jamaica. He was in the bar when something happened between him and a Trace impersonator who was doing Karaoke. Trace — who had been sober for 12 years — had fallen off the wagon and got into a physical fight with the impersonator.

Once the boat docked in Jamaica Trace jumped ship and promptly entered rehab.

R.I.P. Nixon Interviewer David Frost

Veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost, the man who interviewed President Nixon and was featured in Ron Howard movie, Frost Nixon, has died. He was 74.

The broadcaster had a sudden fatal heart attack while giving a speech on board cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth on Saturday night.
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Blonde ‘Eye Candy’ Cause of Italian Cruise Ship Wreck?

A young attractive blonde woman was seen on the bridge of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, when it scraped into rocks off the west coast of Italy.

The “Telegraph” says that this 25 year old girl, “was reportedly the guest of one of the ship’s officers and may be the woman that passengers saw drinking and chatting with Capt Francesco Schettino on Friday evening, a few hours before the Costa Concordia ran aground.”

This blonde Domnica Cemortan, who was a former dancer of the ship, was invited on the boat off the record, and was apparently “a ‘salute’ to an old friend of the captain’s and a favor to the ship’s head waiter”.

What’s fishy, is that soon after Cemortan was under investigation, she apparently went on her Facebook page and changed her city of residence from ‘Bucharest, Romania’, to ‘Zanzibar, Tanzania’.

Italian Cruise Ship Sinks Like Titanic

“We heard a loud scraping noise which jolted us, water started flowing in, the lights went out…I felt like I was on the Titanic.”The 4,200-passenger vacation cruise ship “Costa Concordia” struck a rock in shallow water off of Italy’s western coast, near the Italian island of Giglio on Friday night.

When the ‘over max capacity’ ship scraped against a rock near the coast, it caused the bottom of the ship to tear open like the Titanic did!

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