Drug Smuggling Granny To Be Executed By Firing Squad!

Lindsay June Sandiford, 56, from Gloucestershire, England was arrested in an Indonesian airport for attempting to smuggle 10.6 pounds of cocaine, worth $2.5 millions dollars. They discovered the cocaine in the lining of her suitcase.


She maintains that she was forced to smuggle the drugs in by a gang who threatened to hurt her children. The British grandmother was sentenced to death last month but had a strong belief that she would be able to have years of appeals before she had to face a firing squad…


But RadarOnline reports, she has til February 12 to make an appeal. But she is broke and has no money so she can’t afford a lawyer. Time is running out for her to find representation in a foreign country with no money.


Paris Hilton Getting Nailed with Drug Felony-Prison Next?

Paris Hilton was busted in Las Vegas this weekend, with over .8 grams of cocaine that was found in her purse when she got pulled over. She originally was pulled over because cops noticed smoke coming from her windows, and a strong smell of marijuana. They found her and her boyfriend in the car-then the cocaine was found in Hilton’s purse-she claimed it “wasn’t her purse”!

Paris is getting charged with a drug felony, and since it was in Nevada, she could get 1 to 4 years in prison, a possible fine of $5,000 or probation.

Megan Fox Pictured Possible Cocaine in Nose

Oh Megan! Please don’t tell me we have another Lindsay Lohan on our hands! If a picture tells a thousand words then Fox may be able to talk faster if this is what it appears to be collected in her nostril.

Megan was walking the red carpet at of all places, the Teen Choice Awards over the weekend when a crafty photog got this shot of what appears to white powder caked in her nose.

To be fair, I guess there is a chance that it is a booger or Fox is snorting vitamins, however, if it is coke it could explain why she has been making some bad choices as of late, like turning down a major motion picture to do a music video…

Britney Spears Graces August Cover of Cosmopolitan

Britney is still banging and apparently still very much in demand, even in the fashion world. The August issue of Cosmopolitan shows a strikingly beautiful Brit in all her sexy mama glory. Britney must be really feeling good about herself, and she should! She has come a long way to end up in a very good place and time in her life, and it shows!

Britney Tweeted about her cover, “I’m on the cover of Cosmo’s August issue. So excited! What do you all think? – Brit” Well Britney we think it’s fantastic, you go girl!

Ashley Biden Loves The White Stuff


NY Post/Perez reports:

A “friend” of Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is shopping around a video recording of the VP daughter allegedly snorting cocaine at a party in Delaware earlier this month.

The NY Post watched a 90 second preview of the video. The footage, which The Post declined to purchase, shows a young woman with a remarkable resemblance to Ashley riding the white pony with a group of people, and then complaining that the horses ain’t big enough.

A lawyer said that the footage was legally obtained, with Ashley waving to the camera at one point.

The shooter was initially asking for $2 million, but reduced the price to $400,000.
Ashley Biden is a partier? Noooooo. How can this be? Welp..I’m throwin in the towel on these politics of the world.  Apparently there are other great parts of this film possibly showing body parts and dancing on tables. The price for those varies.   I think Nelly should buy the video since he claims to have a crush on her. Be her white knight Nelly!!