Megan Fox Pictured Possible Cocaine in Nose

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Oh Megan! Please don’t tell me we have another Lindsay Lohan on our hands! If a picture tells a thousand words then Fox may be able to talk faster if this is what it appears to be collected in her nostril.

Megan was walking the red carpet at of all places, the Teen Choice Awards over the weekend when a crafty photog got this shot of what appears to white powder caked in her nose.


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To be fair, I guess there is a chance that it is a booger or Fox is snorting vitamins, however, if it is coke it could explain why she has been making some bad choices as of late, like turning down a major motion picture to do a music video…

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  • getrealguys

    this photo, and the comments, you guys can’t be serious right?
    i dont know what coke really looks like, and but i baby sit children all day, and i deal with a lot of their boogers.
    that isnt a booger. and its not coke.
    its clearly the reflection of the flash on the camera, or did she leave some on her chin, cheek, and in the middle of her eyebrows too?

  • swOne

    yeah.. I don’t think that’s a boogie there. admit it or not, we all have our own personal boog-science down to an art! that is not a natural boogie, but i can not say she just did a fat line of blow by this photo either. Possibilities could be a nasal spray or sweat mixed with make up, maybe she blew her nose with a real cheap generic Kleenex and just like the toilet paper, it left trace evidence..

  • brian

    now she has a mask face.

  • Lady GaGa

    good point.

  • nooo

    she got it on her cheeks and brow too…or it could just be the camera flash reflecting off her oily skin