Amanda Bynes’ Dad: Our Daughter Is Missing

Amanda Bynes‘ father made a rather shocking admission to a reporter, saying he currently is unaware of his troubled daughter’s whereabouts.

Amanda was recently arrested after being pulled over for suspected DUI. Officers later said Bynes was tweaking on Adderall.


Mr. Bynes says he knew nothing about his daughter’s arrest early Sunday morning. In a sad confession, he admits he and his wife don’t know anything about Amanda’s DUI charge, nor about her release on $15,000 bail. They didn’t bail her out; she didn’t come home and she’s missing. source

Mr. Bynes suggests his daughter may be in New York.


Amanda Bynes was arrested on Sunday, 29th of September, 2014, in the morning at 3:00 a.m., on charges of driving while intoxicated.

Police “determined she was under the influence of a controlled substance” and charged her with a misdemeanor.


Bynes allegedly stopped the Mercedes she was driving in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, according to TMZ. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes Mom: Psychotic Episodes Caused By MARIJUANA

Amanda Bynes‘ Mother may be fighting an uphill battle after trying to convince folks that her daughter’s bizarre behavior was all a direct result of — wait for it — The actress’s marijuana use..


The Bynes attorney is trying to record straight on speculation Amanda suffers from schizophrenia, mostly because people with schizophrenia — don’t get movie roles..

Now Amanda’s mom is taking the rumor to task, telling Us Weekly via the family lawyer that there hasn’t been any diagnosis at all.

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Amanda Bynes flat out rejected a job offer from Playboy! You would think that was THE offer the crazy actress was waiting for! But maybe the problem is that the offer was actually from Playboy’s radio station..

The first time around, Playboy Radio offered Bynes a DJ co-host spot on Twitter but on Tuesday TMZ revealed Playboy doesn’t only want Bynes for a one-time job; they want to secure her for a full-time spot.. But none of that amounted to a hill on beans as Bynes said a resounding NO.

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Amanda Bynes Rents Room Takes Bath Proudly Exclaims ‘I Feel So Fresh Today’

Oh Amanda Bynes! After your proposition to let Drake “murder” your lady part, now you’re sharing random photos from what looks to be the inside of a motel room – complete with cinderblock walls. Included in the actress’s freakish Tweets was one that indicated the motel probably had running water…amanda_bynes_twitter640

“My selfies we’re taken after those paparazzi photos,” said Bynes, 26, as she stated to explain something hugely insignificant, “I was walking to a photo shoot for my clothing line and perfume line that’s in the works!” So? You’re starting a clothing line? Good luck with that! Thx E!

In a final sign of relief (from the general public) Bynes announced,

“Feeling so fresh today,”

So I take it you took a bath Amanda? Wow! Maybe you really did turn over a new leaf! To cap this ordeal, the last thing I heard was – the maids were still cleaning up Bynes’ room – and hazmat may have to be called in to help.


Amanda Bynes may have her driver license suspended but that is not stopping her from holding up a middle finger to law enforcement and driving right by… I think someone should call Amanda’s dad and warn him that his daughter is about to kill herself with crack. Some say Amanda was caught coughing on some pot, but the pap who snapped the pics says he smelt the odor of burning chemicals…

If you do not believe him pops, just ask her friends! who are quietly saying that the actress is losing her mind, talking to inanimate objects for hours at a time. Folks who share a gym with Bynes say, while on the treadmill, Amanda will suddenly stop running – and start laughing uncontrollably…

Bynes pictured last night driving on a suspended license…

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