Oh Amanda Bynes! After your proposition to let Drake “murder” your lady part, now you’re sharing random photos from what looks to be the inside of a motel room – complete with cinderblock walls. Included in the actress’s freakish Tweets was one that indicated the motel probably had running water…amanda_bynes_twitter640

“My selfies we’re taken after those paparazzi photos,” said Bynes, 26, as she stated to explain something hugely insignificant, “I was walking to a photo shoot for my clothing line and perfume line that’s in the works!” So? You’re starting a clothing line? Good luck with that! Thx E!


In a final sign of relief (from the general public) Bynes announced,

“Feeling so fresh today,”

So I take it you took a bath Amanda? Wow! Maybe you really did turn over a new leaf! To cap this ordeal, the last thing I heard was – the maids were still cleaning up Bynes’ room – and hazmat may have to be called in to help.