NOOKIE? Limp Bizkit Fred Durst ODD eHarmony Gig

Limp Bizkit frontman, Fred Durst, has a new gig – Directing commercials for dating website, eHarmony.. So, did he get paid or did he do it all for the nookie?

eHarmony fred durst

While fans wait for the release of a new album, which was expected to drop over a year ago, Durst is directing eHarmony commercials.. Here Durst is pictured with CEO, Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

Amanda Bynes Rents Room Takes Bath Proudly Exclaims ‘I Feel So Fresh Today’

Oh Amanda Bynes! After your proposition to let Drake “murder” your lady part, now you’re sharing random photos from what looks to be the inside of a motel room – complete with cinderblock walls. Included in the actress’s freakish Tweets was one that indicated the motel probably had running water…amanda_bynes_twitter640

“My selfies we’re taken after those paparazzi photos,” said Bynes, 26, as she stated to explain something hugely insignificant, “I was walking to a photo shoot for my clothing line and perfume line that’s in the works!” So? You’re starting a clothing line? Good luck with that! Thx E!

In a final sign of relief (from the general public) Bynes announced,

“Feeling so fresh today,”

So I take it you took a bath Amanda? Wow! Maybe you really did turn over a new leaf! To cap this ordeal, the last thing I heard was – the maids were still cleaning up Bynes’ room – and hazmat may have to be called in to help.

Britney Spears Two Fisted Cigarette Smoker

This is coming from someone who recently quit… So I may be a bit biased when wondering how the hell someone like Britney Spears smokes in the first place! Forget the fact that she has kids and let’s face it, that has got to be setting a horrible example, but also because of the singer’s health and wealth, okay, maybe just her health! But forget about that, are those Menthol lights? Oh Britney…


Remember this is coming from someone who recently quit and is still on the Nicorette lozenge, 4 mg . mint… :)

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