Arrest Made As “Baby Doe” Identified

Baby Doe, a little girl whose body was found on a Boston beach, has been identified and a person has been arrested and taken into custody over her death.

Police executed a search warrant on a home in Boston neighborhood Thursday night, which led them to determine the girl’s identity. It has been nearly three months since Baby Doe was discovered.

baby doe photo

Last month, based on an analysis of pollen that was found clinging to her pants, investigators determined that she was likely a localContinue reading

MIT Engineer: If You’re Taking A Shower You’re Doing It All Wrong

MIT Chemical engineer graduate, Dave Whitlock says you can forget taking showers to stay clean and to prove it, he’s skipped them for 12 years.

Whitlock says, If you really want to stay clean, instead of jumping in the drink, spray live bacteria on your skin.

Dave Whitlock

In fact, what Whitlock does believe is healthy is restoring good bacteria to our skin that our ancestors enjoyed long ago — bacteria that’s been slowly stripped away by excessive cleaning. Continue reading

Aaron Hernandez Judge to TV Station: YOU’RE BANNED Robert Cusanelli!

The judge in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial issued an ultimatum to TV station WHDH-TV, after they were accused of following two jurors outside the courthouse. The judge had previously issued a written order that no one shall approach, follow, contact, harass, photograph or take down the license plates of jurors.

The deliberating jurors alerted Judge Susan Garsh Thursday morning that they were followed by a pair of reporters working for Boston station WHDH-TV. The judge then held a special hearing, giving the station until 12:15 p.m. to have the driver or a higher-up testify about what happened or face being held in contempt.

Judge Susan Garsh WHDH

Garsh said it was a serious matter and a felony and could have resulted in a mistrial. The station didn’t immediately return phone and email messages from The Associated Press seeking comment. Continue reading

Jim Irsay Pays $530K For John Lennon ‘Paperback Writer’ Guitar

Colts owner, Jim Irsay, paid a whopping $530,000 for John Lennon‘s Gretsch guitar, used to record the Beatles‘ 1966 classic “Paperback Writer.”

Lennon’s cousin, David Birch, had owned the instrument since 1967.

jim irsay drunk

“The John Lennon guitar used on ‘Paperback Writer’ and other sessions with the Beatles is a significant piece of history,” Irsay told Rolling Stone. Continue reading

Aaron Hernandez Trial POSTPONED Second Day After Boston Gets More Snow

Aaron Hernandez‘s murder trial has been canceled for a second straight day after two more feet of snow fell on Boston.

On Friday, the jury took a fieldtrip to the home of Hernandez and the murder scene, and that was the last official day of court proceedings as the weather has made it nearly impossible for travel to and from the courthouse.

aaron hernandez trial 2

New England and New York state are enduring the third winter storm in less than two weeks. Continue reading

Boston Mother And Young Daughter Found HANGED In Home

Massachusetts resident, Ariana Rosa-Soares, and her 9-year-old daughter, Marley, were found hanged in the basement of their home in Brockton, authorities say.

Soares, 32, and her daughter were found by the grandfather, Friday morning at their home which is located 25 miles south of Boston.

Ariana Rosa-Soares marley 3

Investigators are trying to determine what happened and are handling the case as a homicide. Continue reading

Neurologist: Bobbi Kristina Condition GRIM

Bobbi Kristina Brown, who is in an ICU unit of a Georgia hospital after being found unresponsive in a bathtub, may never recover, says a neurologist familiar with the condition.

Brown is currently exhibiting very little brain activity and is breathing with the help of a ventilator.


Neurologist Eli Zimmerman of Massachusetts General Hospital says Brown’s prognosis will depend on “how much oxygen her brain was getting” at the time of the accident. Continue reading

Aaron Hernandez MURDER Trial LIVE STREAM

Aaron Hernandez trial live stream today, April 15th. CLICK HERE to watch ALL recent testimony. Watch LIVE STREAM JURY WATCH Below.

The last time the New England Patriots were in the Super Bowl, former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez was gearing up for the game of a lifetime. Now Hernandez himself is in the fight of his life, fighting for his freedom.

aaron hernandez trial 2

Continue reading

You Won’t Believe How This SF Eatery Tenderises Its MEAT

A video going around on social media shows a cook at the Lucky River, a Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco’s Sunnyside, throwing slabs of meat, destine for customer’s plates, on the dirty sidewalk.

Local news located the exact portion of the sidewalk depicted in the video and found it covered in blackened gum, cigarette butts, and foot-tracked bacteria of all gut-twisting varieties.

Lucky River meat on sidewalk 3

As to why anyone would be pounding the sidewalk with frozen slabs of meat, an inspector from the San Francisco Health Department paid a visit to Lucky River and said the worker was trying to defrost the meat. “It’s highly unsanitary, I don’t know how they’re gonna clean the meat off after that. Continue reading