Bill Murray Falling Down Drunk On MSNBC [VIDEO]

After sipping vodka during his last appearance ever on Late Night With David Letterman, Bill Murray appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” and he was completely snookered.

Murray went to sit down for the MSNBC segment and missed his chair, falling hard to the floor below, then finished the night with the slurred interview where the Groundhog Day star admitted to having a “few” glasses of wine with dinner..

bill Murray drunk msnbc 2

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Bill Murray Surprises Baseball Fans By Playing Ticket Taker

Bill Murray, part-owner of the St Paul Saints of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, decided to play ticket taker to surprised guests.

It was the Saints’ final game at Midway Stadium.

bill murray taking tickets 4

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Bill Murray Wedding Crasher?

A wedding photographer was simply doing his job when he noticed the bride and groom seemed distracted, and for good reason.

What the photographer didn’t see was that actor Bill Murray had showed up unannounced and was standing behind him.

bill-murray Erik Rogers and Ashley Donald

“I thought who the heck is bothering them,” the photographer told the press. “I turn around and it’s Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out, tapping his belly and trying to make them laugh.” source.

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Exclusive: Lady Gaga On The Go-Go

From Go-Go dancing, to jumping out of cakes for birthday parties, and then suddenly becoming a world-wide phenomenon, it’s no wonder that Lady Gaga has some sort of magical power.

300px Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza 2007 Exclusive: Lady Gaga On The Go Go

It wasn’t that long ago, that Lady Gaga was just another face trying to get noticed. Before Gaga became famous, she was involved in various projects which displayed her talent, like performing as the lead vocalist and playing the piano in her own band called the “Stefani Germanotta Band” (her real name).

She wrangled a few guys together to play in the band for her, which really spotlighted Gaga mostly.

Before Gaga gained fame, she was just an ordinary looking brunette girl on the outside. But she always had that passionate talent exuding inside of her, even though she was not yet transformed on the outside yet. When she would play the piano or sing a song, you could always feel a sense of passion, love and drive. Those feelings are still apparent in her music today.
Gaga obviously broke out of her old mold, of looking average, living average, and blossomed into a blonde, lean and beautiful flower. But what was it, that thrust her into her dream coming true?

It all seems too easy, a few intimate concerts, and then whamo- she’s famous? I did some research on her, and found out that there is more than meets the eye. Gaga performed other gigs, that may have been essential components, in her magic potion concoction, that helped her reach fame at such a young age.

Casting Fail: Charlie’s Angels New “Bosley”

I know casting for the small screen has become more progressive in the last decade, however, what was ABC (or more accurately, the folks in charge of casting) thinking when casting the 2011 remake of “Charlie’s Angels?”Picture-67

It was revealed today that Ramon Rodriguez will be the new “Boz”. Those of us who grew up with the original Angels series fondly remember David Doyle as the perfect Bosley, kind, gentle and totally oblivious to the three sexy ladies constantly flanked to him.


Picture 68 Casting Fail: Charlies Angels New BosleyEnter Rodriguez? The overqualified, Porto Rican born actor has been on a run as of late with rolls in Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, and also the upcoming Transformers “Dark of the Moon,” but come on! Does that qualify him to completely change the dynamic of our beloved Bosley?

Picture 69 Casting Fail: Charlies Angels New BosleyThe kind, father figure in Doyle was a perfect antidote to the stunningly beautiful Angels, and in the big screen version of 2000, Bill Murray played Boz, which was also great casting- keeping with the vibe. Now, in 2011, we get a young latin Boz, who is also said to be “tech savvy” como?

When a remake is announced, the folks who actually remember the original will always use that reference as a measuring stick to rate the newcomer. If the casting mystery of Rodriguez is any indication of what’s to come for the new Angels, I think the viewing audience may end up being as mysterious and illusive as Charlie Townsend himself.

Is Letterman the New King of Late Night?



David Letterman has beaten Conan O’Brien in the ratings again.  Last week,The Late Show with David Letterman beat The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien by more than 800,000 viewers.  This is Letterman’s best run since 2000 when he recovered from heart surgery.  He’s had a great guest list, including Sacha Baron Cohen and, most recently, Paul McCartney.  Also, his publicized feud with Gov. Sarah Palin boosted his ratings even more.  Things have really been going well for Mr. Letterman.

Not that Conan’s doing poorly.  He is well-received by the critics and seems to be keeping his fanbase intact.  Indeed, Conan is cleaning up when it comes to the coveted 18-49 age demographic.  That means that while my dad watches Letterman, I’m watching Conan.  As we all know, advertisers are constantly aiming to attract young viewers so NBC is quite happy with Conan’s ratings.  Of course, I’m sure they’d like to be number one.

A little late night competition never hurt anybody.  For viewers, it’s a win-win either way.  David Letterman is hilarious and an obvious influence on Conan O’Brien, who delivers great comedy night after night.  As a late night viewer, I’m happy with both shows.  We can all exist in harmony!  Still, it’s fascinating to watch this little back and forth ratings battle.