Girl Booted from Prom for Wearing ‘Confederate Flag’ Dress

You might be a redneck if… you wear a prom dress with an embroidered Confederate Flag.

18-year-old Texanna Edwards, says she wasn’t allowed inside of her school’s prom in Tennessee, because her ‘Conferederate Flag themed dress’ was deemed “offensive and inappropriate” by school officials.

Although some school teachers who knew about her dress prior to the prom, telling Edwards it might be a bad idea, and to ‘check with the administration for clearance’, Edwards went ahead and wore it anyway.
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Rihanna Ruining Entire “Battleship” Movie Promotion

Singer and now ‘actor’ Rihanna, has been given the opportunity to speak at various press junkets for her new movie “Battleship”, but Rihanna seems to take these opportunities and squander them, making the movie completely undesirable.

Rihanna, who was rumored to have hooked up with Ashton Kutcher last month, can’t seem to handle questions from interviewers, who ask about Kutcher or her love life in general. Continue reading

Salma Hayek’s Harsh Beauty Secret: ACCUTANE

Actress Salma Hayek is the cover girl for Lucky Magazine’s May issue. In this snippet we have of Hayek’s interview, she tells the world about a ‘personal’ issue she had, when she was ‘coming up as an actress’ in the movie business.

Hayek is undeniably one of the most beautiful Spanish women in Hollywood, and has been that for some time now. But Hayek’s days of being a struggling actor weren’t simply about struggling to pay rent- she had a physical problem that made her struggle mentally, that caused her to miss out on catching her dreams earlier in life. Continue reading

‘The Hangover 3’ One Year Away: Will it be worth the pay?

Is it really necessary to announce the theatrical release of the third installment of “The Hangover”, a year in advance? Are fans ‘that’ excited about part 3?

The Hangover movies are tons of fun, but most Hangover fans would agree that the first movie was better than the second. Is there a chance that part 3 could be better than part 2 or even part 1? Hopefully part 3 satisfies fans, but is this soon-to-be trilogy even at the importance level of say… the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? I guess what I’m wondering is, ‘should we even be talking about part 3 at all right now?’

Do you have high expectations for part 3? Are you over the Hangover storyline? Do you think we even need to discuss this topic one year in advance?
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Rihanna is a Geisha Gone Bad

“[I’m a] Gangsta goth geisha”, tweets singer Rihanna, on the set of the ‘Coldplay feat. Rihanna’ music video shoot, for song “Princess of China”.

Although Rihanna is not from Chinese decent, nor is she Japanese like real Geisha girls, she’s put together her own version of a Geisha, and we can’t say that it’s ‘princess-like’.

Rihanna tweeted a few pictures of her in a Hollywood version-of-a-Geisha costume, where the pictures show her eyebrows thinned, her eyeliner pointed out to the sides, and in a up-do wig that about touches the ceiling… but that’s not all.
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Bookies Offer Odds on Fate of Michael Jackson Dead Body

Odds are...

Odds are...

Leave it to odds makers to capitalize on someone passing away. Wondering what will become of Michael Jackson’s body now that he’s gone? Bet on it! Will he be cremated? Traditional burial? Or will his body be injected with plastic just like MJ’s Chimp, the beloved “Bubbles?”

Other wagers include, television audience for Jackson’s funeral and the percentage of tweets containing the words “Michael Jackson”

Here is a comprehensive list of Michael Jackson betting opportunities including the odds:

Television audience for the singer’s funeral (between 750 million and one billion is the odds-on favorite)

Percentage of tweets containing the words “Michael Jackson” sent next week.

What will happen Jacko’s remains?
Buried 5/4
Cremated 4/1
Plastinated (from 100/1) 10/1
Donated to Medical Research 33/1
Cryogenically Frozen 100/1
Blasted into Space 500/1
Recycled 1000/1
Frozen in Carbonite

Global television audience for Michael Jackson’s funeral
6/1 Less than 500 million
7/4 500 million – 750 million
4/5 750 million – 1 billion 2/1 Over 1 billion

Will Neverland Ranch be Michael Jackson’s Final Resting Place?
2/5 Yes

Best Selling Michael Jackson Album of 2009
5/4 Off the Wall
6/4 Thriller
2/1 Bad
6/1 Dangerous
8/1 HIStory
10/1 Invincible
Ben 20/1
Forever, Michael 28/1
Music and Me 33/1
Got to Be There

Name of the Michael Jackson Movie
4/1 Michael
8/1 Invincible
9/1 Thriller
10/1 You Are Not alone
10/1 Leave Me Alone
12/1 Bad
16/1 Prince of Pop
16/1 Dangerous
16/1 Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
18/1 Man in the Mirror
18/1 We’re Almost There
20/1 What More Can I Give
20/1 One Day in Your Life
33/1 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
33/1 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
50/1 Black or White
66/1 Beat it
66/1 PYT

Michael Jackson Is Looking For Another Kid


Michael Jackson has reportedly made contact with a British adoption agency because he wants to extend his family.

The singer, whose 50-date residency at London’s O2 arena has completely sold out, is already father to twelve-year-old Prince Michael I, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven.

A source told the Sunday Express: “His life is his children. Wherever he goes, they go, and he has said it would be good to have another child.

“Contact has been made with an adoption agency in Britain which has a very good reputation.”

The source added that Jackson feels like he has the backing of British fans. “He feels he has shaken off the sex abuse allegations. It is a new beginning,” the insider added.

I think we need to give babies to other more deserving celebrities like Nick Nolte. Stop hogging all the babies Angelina and MJ!!!