Singer and now ‘actor’ Rihanna, has been given the opportunity to speak at various press junkets for her new movie “Battleship”, but Rihanna seems to take these opportunities and squander them, making the movie completely undesirable.

Rihanna, who was rumored to have hooked up with Ashton Kutcher last month, can’t seem to handle questions from interviewers, who ask about Kutcher or her love life in general.


Last month at a Battleship press conference, a journalist asked Rihanna about her and Kutcher, and Rihanna replied in a very insulting manner saying that the question was ‘inappropriate’ and that she ‘wanted to move on to the next question’.

Now, Rihanna shuts down another interview, and this time it’s for Australian show “Sunrise”. The kind interviewer woman begins to ask Rihanna about her love life, and Rihanna turns into bitch mode really fast. Then, the interview abruptly ends just after the love life question.

Rihanna is representing this movie, and I think it’s unfair for her to act childish when the entire production is literally banking on her to make Battleship a hit. Can’t she just say that she ‘is’ or ‘is not’ dating someone? There are ‘nice’ parts in her interviews, but when she acts rude, that bad attitude eclipses good memories of her, which means I won’t be opening up my wallet for any of this.

See her ‘bitchy’ press junkets here:

Here’s the video of Rihanna from last month’s Battleship press conference: